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Advertising IDEAS For Those Without HUGE Lists

We think it best for you to send at least two emails to your customers, one just to let them know what we have and then one with some urgency to it.

Anything less than 2 emails won’t get as many sales for sure.

With re-mail options to your lists another 2 or 3 more times if conversions grow.

You might even try offline advertising.

One place I have found inexpensive and with a sufficient ROI is There are Cities that offer offline ads via specialty newspapers and magazines.

I know New York, Santa Fe, NM do. I believe Boston and LA do as well.

(If you'd like to target a certain region in US, focus on the southern states. Highest problem of obesity, with West Virginia having the highest in the nation.)

You'll find quite a few, you may have to search a bite to discover them, but as I have said, they are very cost effective.

I’d suggest only certain Social Sites: StumbleUpon is a great place if you stumble quite a bit.

Facebook advertising is wonderful. Check out the approved ads before you begin and save yourself a huge headache.

One tip: to keep expenses down, when submitting your ad place it at a higher CPC rate and after you are approved reset it a bit lower.

Example: if the average cpc rate set by FB for weight loss product is $0.93/click. You allow "it" to be you cpc. Get approved and edit you cpc down to 0.50. You just cut your ad cost by 54%. Your ad won’t show up as often if you set your cpc to low.

If you are proficient at building a Squidoo page it can rank high in the search engines in a very short time.

Be sure you make good use of the pinging services like:;

You might also try for help getting views on Facebook pages, twitter, youtube etc. Tip: be cautious with these people, make sure they can deliver before buying. All have reviews, check them out first.

I recommend staying clear of Adwords, running google ads are no longer adequate ROI.

I’d also suggest you giving us your email, as we find great niches for you to advertise in...

We can get the info out to you, rather than adding info to the affiliate page only.


Banners for Ads

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After 3 months a recurring charge of 9.95/mo for Club membership fees.

Included in this Coaching package is:

1. The Slimming Diet Experience

2. All 6 micro diets

3. 4 books written by the Diet Coach DL Grace pMed;BS, titles listed on sales page.

4. Other Web 2.0 perk such as Queen for a Month to the highest weight loser that month.

We offer an alternative sales page and a page that sells all 6 micro diets individually for $19.95.

The price will rise to $29.95/micro diet after sales have gone up to 1000 copies sold.

Bonuses for Quick sales: We are excited to give top sellers incentives by way of bonuses upon a certain number of sales. One person can win 3 of the 4 Bonuses.

Bonuses offered will be given in the 1st 60 days only:

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Have you got a 2012 weight loss plan but don’t know how to start?Have you tried to lose weight before but not been able to keep it off?

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You owe it to yourself, your friends and family, and to your body to read more….

Getting Thin is not just about looking good – it’s about being healthy!

There are a number of reasons for you to start getting serious about your weight loss plan:

    • Anorexia

    • Bulimia

    • Heart disease

    • Irregular heart beat

    • Anemia

    • Dehydration

    • Depression

    • Migraine Headaches

    • Sagging Skin

    • Hair loss

    • Diminished vitamin and minerals capacity

    • Possibly leading to premature Death!

What will you get?

As part of this great deal you will get:

    • 4 Months Intensive Weight Loss & Low-Weight continuity Coaching

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    • Over 36 Delicious Diet Recipes

    • Membership in the Thinarella Diet Club

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• 40 Diets You Need to Avoid


• My Crows-Feet I Laugh at You...ha ha ha!

• Heal A Cut or Abrasion in 24 Hours

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• Guaranteed Weight Loss when you follow the Diet Plan.

• Opportunity to become “Diet Model” for Bell Sage Originals-Thin Skirts(tm)

• Compete in all contests including Diet Queen-For-A-Month.

• Total mindset change from “Live to Eat’ to “Eat to Live” diet lifestyle.

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You may think losing weight is all about being able to walk around in a bikini or a speedo.

Sure we all want to look Great in what we're wearing…but losing weight for Your Health ascends vanity by a mile.

You Want to know why?

You’ll AVOID things like:



    Heart disease

    Irregular heart beat




    Migraine Headaches

    Sagging Skin

    Hair loss

    Diminished vitamin and minerals capacity

    Possible death

    and the list goes on...

You'll have at hand 7 Weight Dropping Diet Experiences to choose from or combine all seven and design a diet yourself.

They all work.... free...Free...Free...FREE!!

7 Diet Experiences

Use 1 Diet.......or Use Them All

    1. 4:30 Diet

    2. Juice-It Diet

    3. 4 Milk 15 Days

    4. Exercise and Eat

    5. Eat It Once Diet

    6. Anything Goes Diet

    7. ?

NO...Ridiculously exotic expensive foods...all foods can be gotten at your neighborhood supermarket!!

You'll have the immediate immense satisfaction of losing weight and "Actually" keeping it off this time!

The Greatest Benefits to YOU:

    1. The greatest benefit to you is fast fast weight loss while making you healthier.

    2. Concentration of vitamins and minerals to keep your energy level at peak performance.

    3. No saggy skin from losing weight, your collagen is not destroyed due to a huge rise in vitamin and mineral reserves.

    4. The pectin from the fresh fruits makes your complexion radiate an angelic glow, you'll age much slower!

    5. Your bowel movements will surpass 1 per day, making it easier to drop weight.

    6. Emotionally you feel great, The Slimming Experience doesn't leave you feeling depressed or jittery.

    7. You won't gain the weight back because you don't experience cravings even when you’re not on the diet.

    8. No pills, no more rolling the dice wondering if what you're putting in your body is safe to eat, or if a few weeks or months from now all your hair falls out or worse you suffer heart failure.

    You can't lose anything but weight!

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    Article for Affiliate Use:

    Losing Weight the Healthy Way: Biology and Chemistry

    Most people who intend to lose weight rarely focus on the aspects that really matters.

    Some initially start dieting without the slightest idea of how diet can affect the overall intention to lose weight.

    Some avail or enroll in fitness programs without determining what they need for their body.

    Although there are health and nutrition professionals that will aid you in your health and fitness program, you have to understand that each and everybody is chemically build differently.

    The biological factors that affect one’s genetic build up are not the same that another may have.

    Each and every individual is wired differently and that there must be an individual approach to dieting and weight loss.

    A healthy weight loss program combines diet and fitness in a fully detailed program customized to suit the biological make up of an individual.

    You cope up with the chemical changes and processes inside your body individually.

    There are hundreds of methods that teach fast weight loss.

    Some are confined to observing healthy food options that allows weight loss, while some are dedicated to exercises routines for burning calories.

    There are a number of weight loss diet tips for both men and women, their availability is increasing by the hour.

    More and more health professionals compete for the best workout routine or diet or a combination of both to work for everyone.

    Some may hold true to their promises, some don’t.

    A healthy lifestyle is dependent upon the habits and practices that one allows his/her body to go through.

    For starters losing weight is not all about shedding fats and spending hours inside the gym or making lap runs.

    A healthy weight loss program will start by physical evaluation of the body.

    The biological makeup and the chemical processes, the rate and impact it has on one’s physical body need to be considered.

    To lose weight fast one must have the potentials of keeping up with the requirements of a fitness routine.

    Likewise, they must have the discipline to stick to a dietary routine for a certain period of time and be ready to chane their lifestyles..

    There are disciplinary diets ideal for each individuals requirement.

    The rate of losing weight by one person is not the same for everyone because the metabolic rate is different in each body.

    But speeding it up via exercise will take weight off of any person!!

    There are tons of easy ways to lose weight, all of which include routine exercises for maintenance and dietary nutrition for sustenance.

    One cannot simply lose weight by cutting down on food intake since you may be cutting down on necessary fats and nutrition necessary for health maintenance.

    Rather, you need a diet devised to include all necessary nutrients to keep your body healthy and in shape while dropping weight.

    There are foods to lose weight or what are known as fat burning foods.

    A good diet system is one that provides all the nutrients needed by the body to function and perform physical activity all day.

    The foods you eat builds up the energy requirement to meet the challenges of fitness routines design for burning calories.

    Specific Foods..

    The easiest way to lose fats and weight is to understand how your body works and what activities are ideal and suitable for your age, size, height and personal profile.

    The key lies in finding the balance between diet and fitness that is ideal and appropriate for your body.

    DL Grace pMed; BS; ASEMT

    To all Affiliates: If you have ideas whereby improvements can be made to the Sales Page or any other part of this Campaign, please let us know...anything that will stimulate conversions. Thank You, DL Grace




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