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Hypertensive Heart Disease

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Hypertensive heart disease is a form of the disease that stems from high blood pressure. Over a period of time if left unchecked a heart attack may occur. heart disease

Hypertensive heart disease can be treated easily by losing weight, taking vitamins and minerals while establishing a "NO SALT or LOW SALT" approach to your diet.

Food high in salt raises blood pressure.

But, Sodium (salt) is an electrolyte, you cannot live without it.

Therefore, some is needed for optium health.

You get sodium in all processed food so read the labels before consuming.

Keep Sodium serving size of foods you eat below 150 mg.


heart disease

Start a vitamin and mineral regiment.

A rise in blood pressure means you need to add some minerals to your diet like: Magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, selenium.

Vitamins you will want to take to keep hypertensive heart disease out of you life are: Vitamins C, E and folic acid (B9)

Also, eat foods high in beta-carotene like: carrots and other colorful veggies and fruits.

The more color the higher the beta-carotene.

Examples would be: dark purple grapes and beets.

Get you beta carotene from friuts and vegetables rather than supplements.

Supplemental beta carotene generally comes in mega doses.

To much is not good for you and does your body no good!


FOODS to Dispel Hypertensive Heart Disease

heart disease

Vitamin C foods: all citus fruits, exp: oranges, lemons and limes.

All green leafy veggies are rich in Vitamin C as well, especially spinach and romaine lettuce.

Other "C" foods: sweet potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus and many others.

Vitamin E foods are: eggs, peanuts, apricots (dried), sunflower seeds, green olives and cooked spinach.

As much as these foods have Vitamin E, they still are lacking higher doses you might need for the protective qualites of this compound.

So, I recommend taking 60-100 IU daily.

Folic Acid (B9) foods are: Liver, other red meats, sunflower seeds, beans, asparagus, soy beans, sinach, turnip greens, some cereals with whole grain wheat, okra and collard greens.

Foods High in Magnesium: tofu, nuts, beans, broccoli, whole wheat cereals and bread, okra, spinach, soy milk and halibut.

Foods High in Potassium: white potatoes, sweet potatoes, plumes, prunes, bananas, oranges, artichoke hearts, avocado, broccoli, canteloupe, raisins, trout, tuna, almonds and winter squash (butternut.)

Foods high in Zinc: pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, garlic, squash, watermelon, chick peas, yogurt, turkey, liver, green peas and shrimp.

Foods rich in Iron: Liver, spinach, prunes, raisins, red meats, egg yolks, beans, lentils and clams.

Foods that have a great supply of selenium: Tuna, salmon, cod, shrimp, halibut, liver, turkey and some types of mushrooms (crimini.)


heart disease

RDA for expelling Hypertensive Heart Disease from your life!!

Magnesium = 400 mg/day

Potassuim = 3500 mg/day

Vitamin C = 60-250 mg/day

Vitamin E = 60-100 IU/day

Folic Acid = 400 MICROgrams/day

Iron = 18 mg/day

Zinc = 15 mg/day

Beta-carotene = 10,000-25,000 IU/day (from food)

Because you woulld have to eat way to much food to get the RDA for Potassium, take a supplement.

Take a magnesium supplement also.

But, as always check with your doctor first before beginning any new diet.

Hypertensive Heart Disease

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