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Healthy Tips

Healthy Tips 100:

Stay healthy and find new ways to lose weight with nutriceuticals, these are vegetables, herbs, spices and teas that having healing properties.

  1. Garlic and onions boost the immune system to keep colds, flu and pneumonia away.
  2. Basil, turmeric and cumin are helpful in controlling the incidents of cancers such as bladder and prostate.
  3. Black and red pepper, jalapenos and mustard enhance and speed up your metabolism which is a passive way to lose weight, you can literally burn fat sitting down watching your soap operas.
  4. Cinnamon works to assist the moving of sugar out of the bloods stream which keeps blood sugar levels low.
  5. Green tea helps drop pounds, drink several cups a day. try to get decaffeinated because in some people caffeine can stimulate the appetite.

Healthy Tips 101::

Is Your FAT Really Fat?

When is Your FAT Really Not Fat?

Bloating can make you look like you are fat, so when dieting you get upset because your pot belly doesn't decreased in size.

You bloat because your feces have stop or slowed on its way to be eliminated.

Water also collects in the same area causes distention.

You can lessen a pot belly via stomach crunches, if your stomach muscles are weak fat will accumulate their.

What's the quickest way to lose weight from your protruding belly?

Do you know some simple methods not many people know about?

Healthy Tips 102:

If diarrhea is your companion upon occasion why not eat a potassium filled potato or...

You can remember this acronym B.R.A.T. These are the most recommended by doctors and the most bland to assist when dieting or not, to making the flow stop. Bland and easy on the stomach is half of the solution the other half is BRAT.

Health Tips 103:

When dieting do you watch day by day as your breasts sag with every pound you lose?

It happen when losing weight fast, their are remedies for dropping with weight loss and age.

No, exercise is not the answer, why? Because if you haven't noticed breasts have very few muscles. They are the areola and lobules.

So, what's the magic ingredient to strengthening your breasts?

Health Tips 104:

How about a 5 second de-stresser. In many instances stress causes jaw pain. Your teeth begin to ache. Even your ears start hurting, what then?

There's a better way than using drugs. email for the answer.

Health Tips 105:

Try this as a diuretic to stimulate urination eat the following foods in moderation:

  1. Celery, after it's been cooked in chicken soup or raw in salad.
  2. Watercress, once again in a soup or raw in salad.
  3. Leek, works best if eaten raw with other veggies.
  4. Parsley, eat in soup or salad, works best as juice or tea.
  5. Asparagus, in soup,juice or tea.
  6. Cucumber, eat it raw.
  7. Horseradish, grat 1/2 cup of horseradish in 1 cup of boiling beer, drink it 3 times daily.
  8. Watermelon, eat it the first thing when getting up in the morning and do not eat anything else for 2 hours.

Good luck.

Healthy Tips 106:

NATURAL REMEDIES, The best time to move you bowels is in the morning, within a few hours after rising.

Drinking water when you haven't eaten for 4 hours stimulates peristalsis by reflex.

Before breakfast drink warm water with juice squeezed from a lemon.

It also works as a colon cleanse.

Healthy Tips 107:

Diets rich in sugar can increase your risk of developing cancers, especially colon cancer. This type of diet will be high in fat and low in fiber another risk factor.

Healthy Tips 108:

It seem Japan and European countries have been using this vitamin boosting substances for many years. Co-enzyme Q-10 or commonly known as CoQ-10 was discovered 1957 and since has been used to ward off heart attack and help prevent them as well.

Start now if you think heart disease may be in your future. a protective dose taken with a meal or with a bit of fat to insure absorption is from 15 to 30 mg per day. Check with a health care specialist before taking coQ-10 and you may want to find out if you are deficient in the compound.

Beef is a food very high in CoQ-10, chicken and oils because it is a fat soluble compound.

Healthy Tips 109:

What to do with a leaky bladder. Try an old folk remedy, use the herb skullcap to relieve tension which can cause leakage. This herb can help restore adequate sphincter tone in the muscle that controls your bladder.

So, steep a teaspoon of skullcap in one cup of hot water for at least 10 minutes. You should drink 2 or more cups daily. Do not go over 4 cups and experiment with just one cup for 3 days before upping the amount, you could have an allergic reaction.

Healthy Tips 110:

The rind of tangerines and other citrus fruits contain essential oil, vitamin C and bio-flavonoids are precious to the bodies daily function.

They naturally clear sinuses where muscus builds up and traps viruses and bacteria.

Grate off a teaspoon of any citrus fruit and add to hot tea, within minutes your sinuses clear. Do this several times daily until the problem is solved.

Healthy Tips 111:

HEALING HONEY: during the great depression of 1929 people could not afford medicines honey was a wonderful substitute. They combined honey with onion juice and used it as an effective cough syrup.

The onion stimulates saliva flowing down your throat and helps lessen swelling and inflammation. You cough out the mucus and feel better within hours.

Here's what you do, cut several slices of onion put in a cup or jar cover them completely with honey cover and let stand for 10 to 12 hours. Get rid of the onion pieces and take a tablespoon 4 times daily or more if your cough persists.

Warning: never give honey to children under the age of 1 year!

Healthy Tips 112:

What better way to clean out clogged sinuses then with a nature product, drugs are not always the answer.

Try this 1/4 teaspoon of horseradish 3 or more times daily until sinuses are good as new.

Healthy Tips 113:

So where's your daily glass of Tomato juice?

Tomatoes are a cancer shield, but not just that, tomato juice is good for lower risk of heart disease.

Tomatoes are of course a great way to lose weight and stay away from diseases like diabetes.

the antioxidant which gives your body the protection it needs to warn off diseases is lycopene.

A study done a few years back followed 39,876 women of middle to old age around for seven years.

All were free of cancer and none had heart issues.

the women who ate or drank 7 to 10 servings of lycopene rich foods each week had a 29% lower risk of developing any of the afore mentioned maladies.

This was compared to women who had only 2 servings a week.

Losing weight with tomatoes is so easy because you can eat them with any meal even breakfast, what about a tomato omelet?

Healthy Tips 114:

Eat grass feed beef, it's leaner meat and has the right balance between Omega's 3 and 6.

Grass feed beef has plant-derived omega 3 whereas, corm feed beef has to much omega 6 and no omega 3.

One of the reasons why heart attacks are so widespread in more developed countries is because of the imbalance between the two omegas.

Grass feed beef has more vitamin E as well.

If you were thinking seriously about your health now and in the future, you'd stop eating beef period, it full of cancer causing additives and artery blocking saturated fats.

Healthy Tips 115:

Go over your medical bill before paying it. Request an audit because sometimes the people who imput the information misread the doctors notes. And we've all seen doctor's scribble.

Healthy Tips 116:

Shoes your knees love: a study done of 31 people with arthritis in their knee were tested over a period of time.

The study was done in Chicago at Rush Medical College.

Allegedly sturdy walking shoes and expensive running shoes are best for the knees.

Not true, shoes like clogs and "supportive" shoes were the absolute worse for achy knees.

The surprising results: flat shoes with little or no heel, flip flops and slippers were the best on knee joint health.

A shoe that bends easily is the best for knees.

Healthy Tips 117:

Biotin my be the safest of all vitamins.

Even when taken at high doses there have been no reports of toxicity.

Daily dosage is 3 mg.

Be careful, biotin is destroyed

by certain forms of food processing like canning and heat curing.

So, you are much better off choosing fresh everything, fruits and vegetables.

Eat as much raw foods as possible.

Health Tips 118:

Wonderful: so you work hard, could you be a workaholic?

Here are a few warning signs:
how this, you go to work in the dark, you come home in the dark.

have no fun in life.

No matter how hard you work it's never enough.

You don't really know what's going on in the lives of your loved ones.

You are plagued with headaches and pain for no apparent physical reason.

This one puts you over the top:

Forgetting things you have known for years.

Inability to get in the car without turning on the radio.

Buying exercise equipment.

Try minor things to help you slow down, like taking time to smell the roses literally, or making yourself do something fun once a week.

Health Tips 119:

How much exercise is best?

a huge study was done in 1989 of 13,000 people at Cooper Institute.

startling fining the results over an 8 year span found that 20% who were the fittest, 75% were less likely to die in the next ten years.

No surprise there but what you don't know is: that only a small amount of exercise from the couch potatoes put them more liekly to live the longest, even longer than the fittest.

the conclusion is just a small amount of exercise keeps the body happy, to much can be as life threatening as to much.

Health Tips 120:

When in the sun protect your eyes via sun glasses.

Avoid small lense glasses like the kind John Lennon wore, instead make them large they shield the eyes.

The reason for this is, the dialates from being behind the dark glasses allowing the UV rays directly into the corneas.

As you know ultra violet light can damage eye sight.

Be safe wear protective eye wear.

Health Tips 121:

Want to save your life? Want to be healthier instantly?

Sounds simple but it isn't, so try on this statistic:

This ia your chance to make a huge difference in your health, stop smoking immediately.

Of all the hazards ot your heart smoking is hands down the worst.

Smoking increases the chance of suffering a heart attack by 250%.

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