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dieting Answer the following questions and magically

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the amount of weight you are going to lose in 2012!!

1. How many times in the last 5 years have you been on a diet?

2. In those 5 years on each diet individually how many pounds did you lose?

3. As you progressed in your diet programs year after year did you lose less and less weight each year?

4. Or did you get stronger after years of dieting and lose more weight?

5. How much weight do you realistically expect to lose to get to your natural weight?

6. Do you expect to lose weight so you will look like a super-thin model?

7. Do you exercise at all, if so how many times weekly and for how long?

8. When on a diet do you lose a lot of weight and gain it back right away or over months do you gain weight back?

9. Do you make drastic food changes when on a diet?

10. Do you have a mind mantra you repeat over and over while dieting?

11. Do you eat out while you are dieting?

12. Do you regularly eat fast food?

13. Do you eat citrus fruit and salad vegetables on a regular basis?

14. Do you have regular bowel movements 5 to more times weekly or every day?

15. Do you have 6 or more hours of sleep nightly?

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1. A. Over 5 dieting's in 5 years means you never stay on a diet for long.

You believe you can’t lose weight so you give up easily.

B. 2 to 4 times dieting in 5 years means you are strong in your conviction but you have no real help base to encourage you to continue.

You lose weight but over time you put I back on because you have made no real mind alterations.

C.Those who have only dieted once in the past 5 years are either way overweight and have no believe, whatsoever, in that they are capable of losing weight, or they have lost a good bit of weight but are struggling to keep it off.

2. If you lost 10 or less pounds on any of the diets you are in the (A) category from answer no. 1.

You have made no mind or eating habit changes.

You think shear will-power alone will get you to your idea weight.

10 to 20 pounds lost generally means that’s about all you needed to lose.

But, if you have more to lose you have made substantial progress and you would be in the (B or C or both) categories from answer no. 1.

Now if you have lost 25 or above you deserve a real expensive gift from those who love you because you have probably added 20 years to your life…keep up the awesome work!!

These people generally make permanent changes in their lives because they are obese and know if they don’t they are looking at heart disease, diabetes, liver dysfunction etc.!

3. If you answered yes to this question, you are now almost to the point of giving up because you don’t truly believe you can lose weight and keep it off.

4. If yes was your answer, you will eventually re-program your mind and lose weight and keep it off.

You won’t give up until you get to your natural weight.

5. Less than 10 pounds don’t worry about dieting just find an exercise you enjoy and just do it!

If its 10-25 lbs. start by learning some mantras you can repeat every day and make subtitle changes in your diet and you’ll get their faster than you know.

Now anyone who has 25 lbs., to lose, needs to get started now before the earlier mentioned life-threatening diseases become a part of her or his lives. dieting

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