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Losing Weight Contest

Here's what You need to do to Enter the Contest

Email your:

  1. Full Name
  2. Before picture with developers date and address
  3. Your weight when picture was taken
  4. email infomation to easyway.dlg47@gmail.com or easyway3@easy-ways-to-loseweight.com

Rules are simple: Start now take off as much weight as you can by Halloween.

The one who loses the most weight will receive a $100 gift certificate from the store of her or his choice.

All Gift Certificate must be obtainable online via a store that offers them.

Before and after photos must be taken and the dates must be verifiable via a photo developer.

Any faked dates will disqualify the contestant!

Contestants must use any of the diets here or on this page or this page and must prove the use via a receipt.

An independent agent will solidify the authenticity of the photos and determine the winners.

(If two individuals come within 5 pounds of each other the 2nd closest to the winning weight receives a $50 certificate from the store of her or his choice.)

All photos must be taken with a traditional camera (no digital camera photos allowed) and must have the dates clearly embedded on the photos via the developer.

The name, address and phone no. of developing store must be on all photos. (example: if photos are developed at Rite Aid or Walgreen's the information must be on the photo.)

The contest requires a minimum number of contestants... so get busy and get started tell your friends.

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Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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