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”Avoid White Processed Foods”

You might want to re-think eating High-carb and Low-fiber imitation food like overly-processed white bread and highly polished white rice...

...keep it off your grocery list.

If You don't want CATARACTS in your near future!!

Your risk is 77% higher if you eat white processed foods!!



....DID YOU KNOW....

That women who become to thin can endanger their lives?

If you go to extremes to lose weight, chances are you'll go to far!!

Instead of taking the proscribed amount of diet pills....

You takes more....

Thinking more pills will take the weight off faster!!


This type of behavior....only gets you an early headstone!!

Losing Weight with the Slimming Experience

when dieting



My mindset was to look better in my clothes only. My modus operundi was to limit food intake without exercising more.

Of course at that age taking 10 lbs. off was an easy thing to do. And because I was an active teen I kept it off for years. I only gain about 15 lbs. over my normal weight and dropping it at will!

Little did I know my weight loss and gain would be a pattern I set for myself early in life and would continue up to today? I did not start putting massive pounds on until I got pregnant at age 26. I gain 60 lbs. with my first child, waited 4 years and put 70 lbs. on with the second one.

In both situations I lost the weight within 6 months via diets I invented myself.

I was never a follower then and I still am not today. In all my yo-yo years did I ever resort to diet pill, sticking my finger down my throat or other harmful tactics? I still don’t!

The last time I lost weight about 8 years ago I was wearing a size 6 jeans and I felt light and healthy but almost too small. For me that is! As a teen I had been tiny but very muscular so I wore a 12 even though I looked like I was a four.

Now the last weigh-in I found myself 4 pounds away from 200! I freaked out enough to skip a fast food place on the way home from the doctor’s office! To get back in health mode I developed this diet you’ll receive. I am proud to say I have eliminated 13 lbs. from my small frame! Where I am most comfortable is around 140 lbs., not too skinny and not to fat!

One thing I do and want you to follow: stay away from scales and trying on your “thin” clothes at least until you have dropped the first 20 lbs.

My scale is the tightness or looseness of my clothing as an indicator of whether I am losing weight or gaining.

It’s important as you begin you quest for dropping weight that you are not in panic mode. Stay calm and approaching the weight loss as you would a business. Starting a business takes time and effort so does getting your body where you want it. If you’ve been told weight loss does not take will power and desire for permanent change well, someone was lying to you.

It takes enormous amounts of the concern for your body not to gorge when all you want to do is curl up with the remote and a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s.

The only simple part really is wanting thinness more than fatsville. Wanting change has to be stronger than the will to continue as is. Change takes place after you begin to condition your mind spirit and body to need less.

Believe me; getting focused on the goal is a conditioning process. Unless you are capable of waking up one morning saying to yourself I won’t gain it back. Generally this scenario does not happen. You’ll need to find a new way of thinking about food.

when dieting You will learn:

    1. Conditioning your mind

    2. Chanting program 3. Altered thought

    4. Meditation

    5. Visualization

    6. Altering in-grain eating patterns

I will recommend in-depth books on meditation for those of you who want to explore deeper the mind changing techniques. You will learn how to create a feeling of peace and safety without barricading yourself by a ton of food.

You will rejoice in greater health. All by focusing on what you want and not what you don’t want by way of meditation.

My ultimate wish for you is to be healthy at a weight right for you not a weight right for Cindy Crawford or other models. Our goal at Thinarella Club is to get you to the best you can be by offering alternatives to eating. By taking your mind away from food via “eating to live” not “living to eat!”

This is a 12 week series for you to follow in order. Everything you’ll need to get started is in this system. However, feel free to follow any diet you chose we are not picky as long as you follow the program philosophy: what you eat is not as bad as when and how much you eat.

We recommend a vitamin /mineral program and a few other healthy supplements, and various books you’ll need to read while you are working the diet for the 4 weeks. Just follow Diet A Dozen Way, follow the menu and cook up the delicious recipe we developed just for you.

In these twelve weeks I expect you to eliminate enough weight to go down one dress size or pants size. If you do not we work with you to get you there any way.

As we advertise there is no pressure. Because ultimately it’s all up to you, bottom-line you are in control. Follow THE SLIMMING DIET RECIPE BOOK. You will use ONE OR ALL OF THE 7 MICRO DIETS for the first 4 weeks. So, challenge yourself.

Who is right for our coaching series?

    1. Those who are at least 20 pound overweight

    2. Those of who, due to health problems must lose weight

    3. Those who want to maintain low-weight continuity for a life time

    4. Those who want to get healthy and stay that way

    5. Those who want to keep weight off permanently


1. Find an outlet to pursue to keep your mind off food. Example take music lessons, write a book (that’s what I did), join the Y and swim, walk for 30 + minutes, 15 if you are not ready for ½ hour, sing to the radio or computer or join a choir, maybe even take singing lessons. Learn to dance.

You get the drift. This is your easiest task.

Find something you love and just do it! Make it as exciting as possible and fun, fun, fun.

I also took up walking over an hour each day. Now I am as hooked on walking as I was on overeating. The premise here is to expand your life to other thing you’ll love doing more than eating.

2. When you take the pounds off this week you KEEP THEM OFF!!

No sliding backwards the first week. And because so much weight in the first week is water weight it should be easy taking off two or three pounds. Remember to replenish what you have lost in water…no dehydration.

At least 60 ounces daily more if you can handle it.

3. Be completely happy with the person in the mirror. Look “you” right in the eyes and say out loud, “I love you _____________ you are beautiful just the way you are.” Fill the blank with your name. Say it until you can stare “you” down for the entire sentence. Do not even think of a flaw anywhere on your body inside or out. We are not here to turn you into a “piano leg” model, just get you to your natural weight.

4.Eat as healthy as you can, dropping fast food is a great start.


1. Do you yo-yo diet? For how long and are you still yo-yoing?

2. Do you start a diet one day then stop it the next?

3.When you are upset do you eat more?

4. Do you go on crash diet at least once a year? How many this year?

5. Are your eating habits linked to your emotions?

6. When did you first start having a problem with weight gain?

    a. As a child (what age ____)

    b. As a teen (what age___)

    c. As an adult (what age___)

7. Who else in your family is overweight?

    A. Mother

    B. Father

    C. Sister

    D. Brother

    F. Husband

    G. Children (check all that applies)

8. Does any event come to mind that you can link to overeating or binging?

9. How does overeating help or hinder you?

Snail Mail back your answers so we can better serve you with some insight into why you do what you do to lose weight. And why you don’t do what you can do to lose weight! The reason for Snail Mailing: most people are more in touch with their inner selves with a pencil or pen in their hand as opposed to typing on a computer.

Write your answers without too much thought about grammar. Just as long as they’re readable, don’t do any fixing by way of editing.

In our 1st phone conversation we will discuss them. Please send a copy to us: The Thinarella Diet Club, 103 Golf St, Greer, South Carolina 29650 I can give you some secrets to help you lose weight faster and healthier.

Keep the original copy as you progress in your dieting efforts you will be asked to go back over these questions, write new answers and compare. And note the changes after 3 months and 6 months and a year etc. Calling times are from 9am to 8pm Eastern /standard Time. Please email 48 hours in advance easyway.dlg47@gmail.com, so I know when to expect your call: 915-317-4553 or we will arrange for me to call you.

Here’s something to think about from the answers you have given. 1. If you are a yo-yo dieter you are taking the initiative to stop the cycle, so give yourself credit for your efforts. Yo-yoing can be very frustrating because you always think you have licked it this time, but it never turns out the way you want it. Something sets you off and it’s all downhill from there.

Yo-yo diet lifestyle is a result of constant worrying about what other think of you. You lose weight for someone else not for yourself. Should a boyfriend or new gal come into your life the pounds drop like water dripping from a seal.

If the romance turns sour the pounds begin to mount once again…. sound familiar.

2. If you answered yes to most of the questions you may have trouble staying on a diet because your belief system is so beaten down by your environment you do not truly believe you can accomplish weight loss.

Whether you know it or not your subconscious is bombarded every minute you are awake by your environment. And what is our American environment saying to us: fat is ugly, freaky thin is beautiful. Pretty much along those lines right? How can the average overweight person feel comfortable when the subliminal message on the street is anti-big people.

3. Linking food with comfort is a habit usually set about long before you make your own choices in eating. Parents very often placate their children with cookies and other sweet things.

As a food gift for being pleasant when they are perceived as being bad. Or to get them to behave or some sort of behavior adjustment, making this form of overweightness the hardest habit to break.

Years ago I knew a young woman who had been horribly sexually abused at a very young age up until she was removed from her mother’s custody and placed in an orphanage at age eight. The mother wasn’t the abuser her live in boyfriend was however.

After a night of the three year old satisfying the pig’s sexual appetite. The equally sowish mother would console her baby by bringing her cookies after the illegal revulsion was over. That little girl became plus size overnight!! She is in her thirties and still struggling with weight issue. There is a happy ending to her story, she is taking care of the little girl inside by visiting a competent therapist!

4. If you answer yes to question number 4 you are trying and you continue trying, you get results and eventually you have the weight off and it stays off for a few months.

But usually a crash die ends in gaining again. As long as you diet with health in mind you are fine. No crash diets or diet pills. The long range effect of diet pills has had no research to back it up as being safe. You are welcome to make up your own diet, follow ours or someone elses.

None of us is alike and we won’t all want to diet the same way. The things we want you to follow however are the methods by which you learn to drop weight because that’s the way it stays off.

5. Once again emotions are powerful motivators you’ll learn how to separate your emotions from eating. Please don’t think it cannot happen when in fact it’s quite elementary.

Answering yes to question 5 means eating is an emotion not just an act or a habit. If you liken it to happy, sad, angry it’s no longer a way to dispel anger or sadness or an object of happiness.

Eating is the emotion not just the act. You cry when you’re sad you yell when you’re angry, you laugh when you’re happy, you calm and relax when you eat. Find a new way to calm and relax and you begin to distance yourself from food.

6. The earlier you started gaining weight as a child the harder it is to lose weight. The body is accustom to it being there and will resist by way of holding on to it. Old stored fat is stubborn and needs convincing.

From this point you will need an aggressive exercise program. Stay away from diet pill and unsafe diets.

You most likely had parents who offered you food for comfort, or you used food for consolation due to parental abuse.

Or if your parents were like mine you were made to sit at the table until you finished your peas or green bean or carrot. I managed to outsmart them after a few one hour sessions of me starring down 10 or 20 cold cooked peas dancing the jig on my plate.

Depending on the cuisine for the dinner meal I’d either come to the table with pocketed jeans or not. When the Lima bean hit the plate they were only a handful away from a waiting pocket. Man I was slick and they never caught me, even though I had many greasy pockets for my mother to wash.

when dieting

7. If you began overeating as a teen probably this stress eating came from a specific event, more than likely a traumatic event in high school or maybe even in college .

You all have heard the story about Karen Carpenter the pop singer from the 70’s and how she died? Well, she overheard her piers referring to her as being fat. And certainly she was not fat. One incident crippled her. She became anorexic.

Her meals were regurgitated most days, she lived on laxatives. She literally starved her body to death. Not in the normal way however, she put so much stress on her heart she had a massage heart attack. At age 32 !

The same was true of Mama Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Pappas. Her weight was a constant “thorn in her side” she lived on all forms of upper and downer in a futile attempt to drop pounds.

In the end her heart said no more and stopped beating. As I have said numerous times pills and fad diets are not the answer and they never will be. The same is true for invasive surgeries such as stomach stapling and cutting out portions of the bowel.

8. If you have overweight parents, your DNA is the closest link to them this is the hardest to eliminate and your weight loss will be extremely hard to maintain, but not impossible.

There’s an inter-cellular element known as mitochondria (mite-toe-con-dre-ah) which is in every cell of the body. It’s called the “powerhouse of the cell”. Unlike other cellular components the mitochondria has its own genetic material labeled mitochondrial genome.

Well it so happens mitochondrial DNA comes to a child exclusively from the mother, never from the father. From mother to child the mitochondrial DNA is absolutely identical every time. There’s no shuffling because it comes from only one parent, whereas the nucleus DNA is half mother half father.

Whether you like your biological mother or not you have more of her DNA in you then any other. Essentially you can easily respond to food as she does.

Brother and sister have gene connection also but not as strong as to the parents.

In families with three or more children one can be highly overweight and the other two normal weight or underweight. All children would have the same genetic code in the mitochondrial DNA yet only similarities in the nucleus.

A father’s Y chromosome is passed from father to son therefore the male child is more easily identifiable via DNA to both parents then the female child. Therefore male children should biologically assimilate parental behavior more so than females.

If your husband or wife is also overweight no gene connection relates. Simply a psychological bond can coalesce, which can make the task of weight loss difficult but not impossible.

The drawback is if one of you isn’t eager about reducing his or her weight. The person who does most of the cooking has the greatest influence in this situation.

Activities Includes

    1. Read entire Slimming Diet Experience

    2. Use only the 6 micro diets for taking off 10 pounds fast, this should take over a week and probably 3 weeks, just stay at it.

    3. NO fast food this week, no restaurants or takeout.

    4. Get the vitamins and minerals you will need to stay healthy while dropping lbs. I’ll be sending an email on where to buy and which companies to buy from. The prices are discounted at these sites so wait for my email.

    5. You will begin using mantras, either make-up your own or use this one: “I love and approve of myself and I weigh ________ lbs.” Just fill the blank with your goal weight. You’ll need to recite it at least 500 times each day for your subconscious to grab hold of it.

    6. Finally, I want you to be realistic about the amount of weight you want to lose and consider your body type.

    If you have bigger bones than average you will certainly carry more weight naturally. So, don’t think in terms of “piano legs” thin model weight. Furthermore, those models are unhealthy and look awful, so do not gear yourself in that direction.

    Do what’s best for your body and your health. In weeks to come we will be discussing your natural weight and your desired weight.

    7. Ok this is it for week 1; send me an email as to when you want to have our phone conversation. And we will set a time for our conversation.

    8. Ok, ok I am almost done….don’t worry too much about exercise this week just concentrate on dropping a few pounds.