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Apple Cider Vinegar

added to a warm bath will invigorated your fatigued body!!

Pour ACV over your shoulder and chest.

Vinegar also restores the Natural germ-killing acidityof your skin.....

Which when bathing is washed away!!

”Sodium-the Real Problem”

Because Sodium is linked to so many diseases....

Safety dictates that you begin reading all labels before buying packaged foods.

Avoid foods with more than 150 mg of Sodium/serving.

Try using sage, thyme, garlic and other tasty spices in cooking...while dropping the "Salt Shaker" in the garbage!!

But did you know "Sodium"kills you cells!!

" Salt Bursts Cells"

Eliminate as much Salt as you can from your diet and you will live to be 100...barring no bad accidents!!

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Weight Loss Vitamins

weight loss vitamins

Which vitamins are weight loss vitamins or do most help us lose weight?

Well, most do assist in you losing weight because when your body has all the nutrients it needs You are not experiencing CRAVINGS!!!

And that is major in controlling your eating!

Start your day with a healthy helping of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is instrumental in preventing excess sugar to our cells.

Which when inside the cells is converted to sorbitol.

An insidious compound that our bodies can neither use for fuel or discard.

Are you beginning to see how damaging sugar, especially processed sugars are to our bodies!

Let's go with some weight loss vitamins.

Also, Vitamin C helps diminish the havoc to the body caused by free radicals.


Get your Vitamin C from "Organic Oranges you juice yourself!"

This form of Vitamin C is much more potent and bio-available to your body.

DO NOT run out and buy a ton of supplements and expect to lose weight!!

Eat, instead, your vitamin C:
lose weight

Vitamin C can help with food allergies which can keep you fat.

You can crave foods that your body is allergic to.

This makes losing weight very difficult.

I have no real knowledge as to why foods you're allergic to assist in an overweight state!

My belief is, those foods don't get processed the normal way, so they remain in the body longer and accumulate in the lipid cells.

But if you want to know, you will need to visit a specialist and find out what food don't agree with your intern system and eliminate those foods!!

A food allergy can trigger uncontrollable cravings.

So, next time it happens write down the foods you are craving and overeating in a notebook and bring the list with you to the specialist.

In the meantime eat your vitamin C daily it will help with the cravings!!!


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lose weight with calcium

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In the meantime...

Let's take a look at Vitamin A as weight loss vitamins.

We know that vitamin A is readily bio-available via carrots!!

But for an added benefit rather than rushing out to stock-up on supplements.

Buy a juicer and make your own highly potent Vitamin A by juicing 2 carrots!!!

That's all you need for an entire day is two medium sized carrots for nutrition and losing weight.

If your body is happy with what you give her or him there will be no cravings or overeating.

lose weight

Weight loss and Vitamin A is once again about stopping the cravings and loss of energy due to eating value-less meals.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant vitamin in that it eradicates free radicals which destroy healthy cells in the body.

Overweight people are suspected to have an abnormally high amount of free radicals in their bodies.

With carrot juice mixed with freshly juiced apple and celery juice you will get the amount of Vitamin A needed from carrots.

But, you won't be over-dosing on Vitamin A which is very possible when using supplements.

Vitamin A can accumulate in the body so do not overdo it.

It's much harder to OD when eating vitamin A, but it's possible, not likely, but possible.

And remember to go organic!

(CAUTION:) If you are pregnant do not take more than RDA of Vitamin A, and for heavens sake don't diet unless you are obese and it's recommended by your health care professional.