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”Avoid White Processed Foods”

You might want to re-think eating High-carb and Low-fiber imitation food like overly-processed white bread and highly polished white rice...

...keep it off your grocery list.

If You don't want CATARACTS in your near future!!

Your risk is 77% higher if you eat white processed foods!!



....DID YOU KNOW....

That women who become to thin can endanger their lives?

If you go to extremes to lose weight, chances are you'll go to far!!

Instead of taking the proscribed amount of diet pills....

You takes more....

Thinking more pills will take the weight off faster!!


This type of behavior....only gets you an early headstone!!

When Dieting Eat Simple Foods!!

when dieting

When dieting eat 3 simple foods for an easy ways to lose weight.

You haven't anything to lose but weight.

    1. APPLES: Soluble fruit fiber such as whats in apples has an inverse relationship to long-term weight gain.

    You'll need to consume 3 medium to large apple/day, if you want this simple trick to work.

    In addition to losing weight you'll be a "leg up" on cancer also!!

    If you smoke take this advice, in a study conducted on nurses, fruits and vegetables were associated with a 21% reduction in lung cancer.

    An Australian study found apple to be a deterrent to asthma as well, consuming just 2 apples a week.

    When dieting Potassium is one mineral that's lacking overall.

    Eating apples helps the supply stay healthy, there's a wealthy of the mineral in apples.

    They are a super-antioxidant with one apple only having as low as 5.7 mg of Vitamin C.

    They are loaded with poly-phenols.

    What are poly-phenols: they are antioxidants coming from plants which have health benefits.

    The most well known poly-phenol is known flavonoids.

    A group of several thousand separate compounds.

    These compounds are found in many different plants.

    They come to our bodies via consumption of fruits and vegetables. when dieting

    When dieting eat your apples as juice, no I don't mean picking up a jar of apple juice at the supermarket.

    I mean, juicing your 3 apples all at once via your juicer.

    Add to juicer a carrot; a stock of celery and a peeled wedge of lemon.

    It gives you such a boost in the morning, better than coffee.

    Another great treat: As a dessert, wash and core enough apples for all.

    Put them in an oven dish, chop up a few walnuts and sprinkle over the apples.

    Then drizzle honey over both apples and walnuts.

    Lastly, cover with cinnamon.

    Bake at 350 degrees for a half hour.

    You can serve them warm or chilled.

    when dieting

    2. Nuts:

    Hard to believe huh? fattening as they are, not any food has more fiber per gram than nuts.

    A handful of peanuts is about 165 calories.

    A study conducted at Purdue University found that test subjects of normal-weight, when adding 500 calories of peanuts to a regular diet, consumed less at subsequent meals.

    Research proves people who snack on nuts tend to be slimmer than those who do not indulge.

    Also found by researchers: studies conducted show peanuts to contain high concentrations of antioxidants, primarily in the form of p-coumaric acid.

    This poly-phenol is believed to reduce the risk of stomach cancer.

    when dieting

    Peanuts also helped revved up your resting metabolism by 11%, which means you burned more calories even when resting.

    Another bonus: Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids.

    Research done at Loma Linda University in California recently discovered that eating 10 to 20 pecans every day can reduce the possibility of heart disease.

    All nuts are an excellent source of vitamin E.

    Vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant which helps maintain the integrity of cell membrane and reduces free radicals in the body.

    You'll find nuts contain B-complex groups of vitamins: riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6, and folates.

    They contribute to brain health by way of blood flow to brain.

    The nuts are lush foundation of minerals: potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.

    when dieting

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