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AMPUTATIONS.....Still a part of Diabetes!!

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Diabetes is one unpleasant disease if you don't care enough to manage it.

Amputations is one unpleasant feature!!

A male diabetic all of 50 years old has dry gangrene because he chooses not to care for his body.

He lost the top of his finger via amputation.

Generally dry gangrene appears as a result of arteries blockage from cholesterol, diabetes or smoking.

By far the worst cases are diabetes related due to artery damage, a by-product of the disease.

The difference between dry and wet gangrene:

Dry is a non-infected gangrene whereas wet starts with an infection of an appendage that goes untreated for an extended amount of time.

Because the infection has damaged the cells in the localized area of an arm, leg, toe or finger it gets cut off.


Years and years ago my father in his young and wild life befriended a criminal.


This man was bad bad news, he had served his time in prison for killing a man via a knife fight.

After only one year of freedom he drunkenly missed a curve going 60 mph killing the other drunk in the passenger seat!

In the 40's and early 50's drunk driving was not considered a major crime.

So, no charges were filed.

He (we'll call him Jack) sustained injuries as well.

In the wreckage his arm was severed between the hand and the elbow.

Due to his alcohol and cigarette usage his wound just would not heal.

Three times he had his arm surgically cut shorter until he had only inches left of his left arm.

Jack-the-malcontent went back to prison for another stabbing of a Sioux Indian in the mid 50’s.

Believe it or not, he argued and killed the man in the deputy sheriff’s front yard at 2am.

The deputy arrested him while the victim bled to death. The Deputy wasn’t too swift on the uptake either, all he had to do was pressure the wound and the man probably would have survived. amputations Jack severed an artery under the other man’s arm.

The Indian bled out in under 3 minutes.

For that illegal act Jack never came out of the "big house" alive.

They say he got knifed, a fitting end!


Same thing happened to my mother 2nd husband. No he wasn’t a murderer, he was however a diabetic who never took care of his body.

After my father's death in 1975, my mother remarried, a retired sheriff who was a grossly overweight.

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One of the kind that needed to lose 60 plus pounds, insulin-dependent, and never followed the doctor’s advice.

Due to the years of neglect of his body at age 63 he had both legs amputated just below the knees.

Joe died on the cutting table during an operation to chop off his right arm.

Lordie, "Amputations,"I swear, people are enemies of themselves!

Amputations are very real in unmanaged and undiagnosed diabetes.

Be wise, if you even remotely suspect you have diabetes get checked.

Or at the very least buy ketone sticks at a pharmacy and check yourself.

In my experience the most prevalent symptom of diabetes is nausea after eating a larger than recommended meal.

If you feel like vomiting but you don't ,very possibly you are pre-diabetic or already a diabetic!!

Over 90% of all amputation in this country are performed on diabetics.



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