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hcg diet HCG diet, does it actually work or are we talking hoax here?

(Human chorionic gonadotropin), a pregnancy hormone is literally injected into the thigh of a fat human by an MD.

Why would any normal human want to inject pregnant women hormones into his or her body?

Not just to lose weight but to drop lbs faster.

And allegedly faster than all other forms of weight loss.

Just plain BS!

What makes a person, on this diet, lose weight is the highly limiting 500 calories/day!!!

Most of us eat 500 or more calories at one meal try eating less than 150 calories at one meal.

After you have been consuming 1800 to 2500 calories/day.

Do you think you are going to succeed for very long on the HCG Diet?

I give you one week, no more!!


Most medical websites like the Mayo Clinic and WebMd are dubbing the weight loss program a scam and it may be a dangerous scam!

hcg diet

A direct quote from Dr. Cohen:

"It's reckless, irresponsible, and completely irrational," says Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

HCG is used to treat infertile parents..both female and male

The HCG Diet works only because of it being a starvation diet!


Claims: HCG Dieting help redistribute fat???

Oh, come on, do you really believe that?

Let me see if I have this right...fat is going to detach from one region of your body and attach to another less fat area..where the fat is then evenly allocated around your body!!

Is it even possible??

Is that the way a typical body removes fat?

NO, Hell no!

If fat is removed from one place on your body it means the body is using it for energy or it is being flushed out of the body via a natural diuretic source or the dieters is drinking huge amounts of clean filtered water!!


hcg diet


Now what are the side-effects and are they harmful to your health...

Today and in the future??

The type of rapid weight loss with the HCG diet can lead to gallstones.

Losing weight fast via the calorie restriction can cause irregularity in ones heart, kidneys and liver.

Toxicity is stored in fat cells so when you drop 30+ lbs in 30 days you are overworking all organs that detoxify.

Leading to the poisoning of your body because the liver and kidneys cannot filter it, process it and eliminate it from the body as fast.

Not to mention Vitamin and Mineral deficiency.


The CDC has recorded many deaths directly related to eating low-calorie diets:

1. Heart failure due to mineral restriction(Cardiac Arrest)

2. Dehydration to the point of death

3. Kidney shutdown

4. Liver dysfunction

You can also become bald and suffer from permanent hair loss due to the absences of vitamin and minerals need for hair growth.

Constipation becomes an everyday problem, also.

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