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”Sodium-the Real Problem”

Because Sodium is linked to so many diseases....

Safety dictates that you begin reading all labels before buying packaged foods.

Avoid foods with more than 150 mg of Sodium/serving.

Try using sage, thyme, garlic and other tasty spices in cooking...while dropping the "Salt Shaker" in the garbage!!

But did you know "Sodium"kills you cells!!

" Salt Bursts Cells"

Eliminate as much Salt as you can from your diet and you will live to be 100...barring no bad accidents!!

”Sleep Better at Night!”

Take 400mg of Calcium and 500mg of Magnesium before sleep.

All people fall asleep faster stay sleeping longer with a more restful night.

These minerals work to relax muscles and nerves.

Within 3 nights your sleep can improve to the way you are supposed to rest!!

Hula Hooping

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 hula hooping

If you thought hooping for exercise and fun was the way of the past…. Don’t you believe it!!

It's for health and easy weight loss, you can lose weight get fit and have loads of fun!!

Did you know 10 minutes of this exercise burns fat at the same rate as:

    Walking for 20 minutes

    Running for 10 minutes

    Swimming for 25 minutes

    18 holes of golf

It's for everyone in that it is generally injury free.

I have done rounds of 12 minute sets of 3 and suffered no hurt.

In fact it helps me stretch my muscles and have less stiffness in the morning. hula hooping You can go to exercise gyms, you can be taught many tricks and ways to mix it with other exercise programs combining it with weight loss diets.

Or find a relaxing place outside and "Just do it"

It’s a great de-stressor and much more fun than stuffy old fashion gyms.

You can’t help but laugh and enjoy every minute of the workout or should I say “fun-out.”

Expect the hoop to fall a few times just pick it up and keep going.

Soon you’ll be doing tricks with the pros.

Put on some high energy music and keep spinning.



hula hooping

”Find your grove:"

Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart.

You can vary it by putting one foot in front of the other and spin the hoop on your waist and soon you will develop a style of your own.

Remember to pick out the right size for you.

You’ll need to try one or two or maybe three out of various sizes.

Keep trying it’s the best way to find the right fit.

If you use a “weighted” one it’s easier to spin and you get a meatier workout with more calories burn.

hula hoop

Hula Hooping

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