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”Sodium-the Real Problem”

Because Sodium is linked to so many diseases....

Safety dictates that you begin reading all labels before buying packaged foods.

Avoid foods with more than 150 mg of Sodium/serving.

Try using sage, thyme, garlic and other tasty spices in cooking...while dropping the "Salt Shaker" in the garbage!!

But did you know "Sodium"kills you cells!!

" Salt Bursts Cells"

Eliminate as much Salt as you can from your diet and you will live to be 100...barring no bad accidents!!

”Sleep Better at Night!”

Take 400mg of Calcium and 500mg of Magnesium before sleep.

All people fall asleep faster stay sleeping longer with a more restful night.

These minerals work to relax muscles and nerves.

Within 3 nights your sleep can improve to the way you are supposed to rest!!

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indoor cycling
Indoor cycling groups are the rage in the southern and western states.

The gals and guys from Alabama too California are finding stationary bikes to be the ultimate fitness exercise.

If you crave company for your workout plans an exercise bike with a group of friends is your answer to health and fitness.

Many women don’t exercise because they don’t want to work-out alone.

It's your best way to become fit and to have an enjoyable time.

Get together join a group or start your own.

You get an amazing work out on the stationary bikes but the fun is the best part.

The music and the cheers from friends makes one work and strive harder to get the fat off and lose weight.

indoor cycling

The picture on the right depicts the variety in the indoor cycling arena...

Real Ryders is an indoor cycling studio in Brentwood, California where hundreds of individuals go to lose weight.

And they find the kind of people they want to be with while cycling.

"Cycling People"

You'll find exercise bike gyms all over southern California.

Why not checkout in "your community" for the right
gym and get started with health and fitness today!!

With pleasure and leisure in mind you can bike your way to health and fitness.

You can attend classes several times a week if you want a more structured indoor cycling experience.

The ladies and gents in the group become fast friends if they join an ongoing group.

They gossip about their lives and about what a happening in the future.



Indoor Cycling Benefits

For starters losing weight while indoor cycling is tremendously easy in that you are able to burn fat relatively fast.

For 1 Hour of medium speed cycling you are able to burn 600-750 calories__Wow!!

At a faster speed workout of 1 Hour you can rid your body of over 1000 calories...

Now that's a workout!


    Quadriceps (front lower thigh)

    Biceps femoris (hamstrings)

    Rectus Abdominis (abdominal muscles)

    Latissimus Dorsi (the back)

    Gluteus Maximus (the butt)

    Trapezius (shoulders)

    Gastrocnemius (calves)

This is just a few muscles strengthen you get by biking.

Even your ankles! lose weight

Above is a anatomical picture of the gluteus maximus muscles.

That's your buttock after a few months of indoor cycling!!


You can adjust stationary bikes to simulate outdoor terrain.

From hill climbing to high speed sprints.

They have enough resistance on the to make it challenging so health and fitness is accomplished in record time.

Whether the sport is wrestling or





Or another form of exercise—it should be well suited for you in that you will enjoy the exercise more.

It needs to be at your level of fitness.

The wonderful thing about indoor cycling it has an adjustment for any level of fitness.

lose weight Start at a rise in heart rate.

Get to the point where you can continue on with the exercise but you can’t talk.

You’re puffing just a bit this improves your cardiovascular network.

A definite favor for your heart not to mention pounds will be dropping off in weeks.

Find the time of day which works best for you and fit it into your schedule.

"Exercise reduces cancer risks"

Indoor Cycling

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