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”Avoid White Processed Foods”

You might want to re-think eating High-carb and Low-fiber imitation food like overly-processed white bread and highly polished white rice...

...keep it off your grocery list.

If You don't want CATARACTS in your near future!!

Your risk is 77% higher if you eat white processed foods!!



....DID YOU KNOW....

That women who become to thin can endanger their lives?

If you go to extremes to lose weight, chances are you'll go to far!!

Instead of taking the proscribed amount of diet pills....

You takes more....

Thinking more pills will take the weight off faster!!


This type of behavior....only gets you an early headstone!!

Losing Weight Eating Cauliflower

lose weight

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Losing weight eating ...you can continue to eat while losing weight. When dieting eat the right foods don't starve.

EAT to Lose Weight with CAULIFLOWER

Half cup cooked: 34 Calories

    27.5 mg Vitamin C

    1.5 IU Vitamin A

    88 mg Potassium

    0.3 mg Pantothenic Acid

    9.9 mg Calcium

    5.6 mg Magnesium

    19.8 mg Phosphorus

    1.1 g Protein

    1.7 g Fiber

    9.3 mg Sodium

Traces of selenium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc. lose weight

Eat to lose weight never rang truer than it does with this white miracle!!

Research indicates these white florets help us drop pounds.

Eating a vegetable like cauliflower serves as a diuretic and a detoxifier.

Losing weight via loss of water is great because it diminishes the body of water that lyses cells.

To lyse is to break the cell rendering it useless.

Detoxifying the liver and kidneys makes these organs more efficient at ridding the body of unwanted fat.


lose weight with vegetables


EAT to Lose Weight with Cauliflower is a good source of vitamin C; however, cauliflower, as you can tell by its color has less beta carotene and folate than broccoli and cabbage.

The dark greens, oranges and reds hold the most nutrients and the easiest for losing weight.

Yet the “white-potato-sub” is a beneficial controller of cancer.

The green leaves are especially nutritious and may be added to a salad.

High consumption of vegetables like cauliflower decreases the risk of certain types of cancers:

Including lung, colon, breast and ovarian cancer.

These veggies have been shown to inhibit chemically induced breast cancer in animals.

The compounds in these veggies control and prevent cancer so eating your cauliflower is a win win dieting plan.

How it’s accomplished is by deactivating enzymes that catalyze cancer-causing substances.

The Wonders of Vegetables

Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and kale contain sulfur and promote liver detoxification.

If toxic molecules are not rapidly detoxified by the liver this may cause damage to the DNA.

Such damage can start a chain reaction leading to a growth of cancer cells.

If our liver works more efficiently it helps rid the body of fats making it easier to lose weight.

Chemical Compounds

Sulforaphane, glucosinolates, isothiocyanate and thiocyanates are the substances in cauliflower responsible for the protection against cancer by neutralizing toxicity in our cells.

Sulforaphane has been shown to help stop the proliferation of breast cancer cells, even in the later stages of their growth. It may also offer special protection to those susceptible to colon cancer.

Cauliflower is rampant with these substances all working together to keep us healthier.


lose weight with nutrition

New research is revealing that phyto-nutrients in crucifers, such as cauliflower, work at a much deeper level to help detoxify our body.

These compounds actually signal our genes to increase production of enzymes involved in detoxification, the cleansing process through which our bodies eliminate harmful compounds such as carcinogens.

This may be why crucifers appear to lower our risk of cancer more effectively than any other vegetables or fruits.

You only need 3-5 servings of these veggies to lower your risk of cancer (1 serving = 1 cup).

You can eat to lose weight with cauliflower 3 times a week.

But you get the added benefit of detoxifying your body of free radicals and giving yourself a much higher chance

Eat to Lose Weight Lose Weight Eating

losing weight

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