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”Avoid White Processed Foods”

You might want to re-think eating High-carb and Low-fiber imitation food like overly-processed white bread and highly polished white rice...

...keep it off your grocery list.

If You don't want CATARACTS in your near future!!

Your risk is 77% higher if you eat white processed foods!!



....DID YOU KNOW....

That women who become to thin can endanger their lives?

If you go to extremes to lose weight, chances are you'll go to far!!

Instead of taking the proscribed amount of diet pills....

You takes more....

Thinking more pills will take the weight off faster!!


This type of behavior....only gets you an early headstone!!


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lose weight with milk

Losing Weight Healthy begins with good food, vitamins and minerals.

Calcium and weight loss:

How does calcium help you losing weight?

Calcium burns fat

When dieting make sure the right amount of calcium, it will assist in taking the fat off and I’m talking stored fat!!

calcium and weight loss

Individuals who consume high levels of calcium have fewer problems with obesity and lower levels of body fat overall.

The majority of individuals who increase the amount of calcium in their diets are able to lose major amounts of weight in the abdominal region.

The amount of calcium determines the way our cells handle fat.

A diet low in calcium sends a signal to the body telling it to store fat.

So, when the body needs the calcium it has it in reserve.

A higher intake of calcium can actually obstruct the body from producing fat.

Are you beginning to see how the use of the right foods, vitamins and minerals actually assist in you losing weight?

lose weight with calcium Nutrients present in milk, yogurt and cheese help calcium efficiently reduce fat.

A chemical known as glycomacropeptide is found in the whey of proteins, which helps us feel more satisfied and full.

Increasing our daily calcium intake could help give us that extra boost to reach our weight loss goals.

losing weight

Calcium also has a natural alkalizing effect and reduces acid in our body.

Basically it helps you get rid of acid problems which increase as we age.

Calcium is one of the most powerful minerals we can use to manage pH levels and reverse acidic circumstances.

Back when I was about ten my maternal grandfather was ailing with stomach ulcers.

He lived mostly on milk and soda crackers.

My brother and sisters and I visited with him occasionally.

Whereupon, he’d be sitting at the dining room table gazing out the big picture window.

His pants unzipped sporting a bloated night-marish protrusion from too much milk and cracker.

losing weight

The large inflated belly just hung out much like Jabba the Hut.

Because of that grotesque image propped on a dining room chair, we never invited our friends to meet our whale like "grampa."

Things like alcohol, aspirin, barbiturates, caffeine, sedatives, cigarettes, and sugar can destroy calcium and interfere with its absorption.

Many processed foods also detour our bodies from absorbing calcium.

Phosphoric acid found in carbonated drinks completely robs our bodies of calcium.


More than %60 of women in the USA do not get the lowest recommendation amount of calcium/day at 1000mg.

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when dieting

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