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Power Pop Diet

The power pops willthey survive?

Before I finished The Yo Yo Dieter’s Diet Makeover, I considered becoming a distributor of the power lollipop.

I hung on the fence for over a month not seeming able to commit.

Every time my up-line (MLM) called me I made excuses why I had not jumped in.

It was clear to me something was wrong with the produce.

Even though I hadn’t researched the product and its side effects yet.

Instinctively, I knew this wasn’t a safe food.

Finally I dove into the scant clinical trials done on the active ingredient in the "Hoodia laced Candy"…. Hoodia p57.

Of course, the damaging side effects were connected to liver, kidney functions and severe dehydration.

Truly a dangerous effect of hoodia is the loss of the thirst sensation.

Water intake is potentially even more critical than the food, early dehydration starts showing signs of bodily malfunction:

  • dizziness

  • dry mouth

  • confusion

  • fatigue
  • and a sense of weakness all over to the point of fainting.

    People with diabetes should not take hoodia.

    One of the theories about how it works is that it tricks the brain into thinking blood sugar levels are stable when in fact they are way low!

    Without proper feedback from the brain telling the body food is required, a person's blood sugar could drop dangerously low while sucking untested herbs.

    And with the regular hunger mechanism turned off, the normal warning signs are suppressed.

    Diabetic coma can ensue!

    Be extremely careful consuming this drug.

    After reading the results of the latest research completed in 2009, I went to Laura my upline representative with the clinical findings.

    She said, “Well, that’s the synthetic hoodia, our product comes from the actual hoodia bush.”

    I scratched my head on that one for awhile. Synthetic, how is that possible?

    Being very skeptical, I did not believe one word.

    In the article I read on the clinical findings the active ingredient could not be separated from the compound capable of destroying our livers and kidneys!

    Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company had licensed the rights to cultivate hoodia in the 90’s.

    They paid a whooping $21 million for those rights, later revoked their exclusivity.

    Knowing the active ingredient could not be chemically removed from the compound destroying body cells, the company officials very probably envisioned billion dollar class action lawsuits,

    ....got out while they still had stockholder!

    As I have said many times in many places, "Research the product before you put it in your mouth!!!

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