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AGAIN and again yet a new drug "SENSA".

Does it work?

They claim a 6 month trial had been conducted before releasing to the market of hungry dieters.

Waiting for the next fix...AHHHHHHH!

But does it help you lose weight?

When it first came out I was skeptical but hopeful until I read the actual clinical trials done by an independent lab!

The six month study the manufacturer is claiming was undertaken before selling Sensa.

Well, Ladies and gentlemen, the study was done by the manufacturer....WOW...how can it be an impartial test of the quality of Sensa?


So, I began to research....

The diet is being dubbed "The Sprinkle Diet" you just sprinkle this "fairy dust" on your cereal and presto, you are 10 lbs lighter before nightfall!!

Come on people do you really believe that?

We want to because we want our "bagel and eat it too."

diet pills

A known expert in the field of weight loss and appetite has reservations about Sensa "The Sprinkle King."

Pamela Peeke MD is not in favor of the product and she goes on to say that appetite and how food gets processed is a complex physiological mechanism within our bodies.


SO what's in the "diet dust?"

1. Maltodextrin (starch derived from corn or wheat, it is a polysaccharide in the same classification as glucose and sugars)

2. Tri-Calcium Phosphate (named: "Bone Ash," gotten from animal bones, calcium salts from phosphoric acid, it also is extracted from rock found in some African and Asian countries)

3. Carmine (this red dye comes from the cochineal scale insect. The scales from this creature is used in extracting the bright crimson red color used a food colorant.

4. Milk

5. Soy



Cochineal Scale Insect

the extraction of the crimson scales is tedious and time consuming because all processes must be hand preformed.

5 lbs of carmine sells for $650.00!!


No wonder Sensa is rather pricy at 6 month supply $235.00...starter kit $59.00, that FREE trial is oh so "NOT FREE"

Unless you send back leftover within 30 days or less your credit/debit card is billed $89.99.

So give up the idea of FREE Trials on this product!

lose weight

This is Me In Red....I wonder if I am Clad in "Beetle Fur?"

Ok, so it's probably a synthetic dye. The suit wasn't that expensive.

Alright back to Sensa and losing weight.

The question based on "my more than a decade" of experience reviewing diet products.

Do I believe this "Diet Dust" works??

If you believe strongly enough and put exercise into your diet plan.

You practice restraint, let's face it you must "eat less than you burn-up" each day to continue to lose weight.


I just gave you the formula for constant healthy weight loss.

With one major adjustment, you save $235.00 and just condition your thinking and practice and practice until you get it right.

"Eat Less Food-Burn More Calories"

Easy Ways To Lose Weight are all around us but you must change old ingrained habits if you want to succeed for life!

Thanks everyone for stopping by: DL Grace

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