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diabetic diet

Here is a diet for diabetics, full of nutrients you'll need and keep diabetes under control:

    1. To get maximum natural health benefits eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms

    2. Also you need veggies like broccoli and carrots for maximum vitamin and mineral content Get into the berry habit, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

    3. Now when you need a boost in vitamin C I recommend oranges and kiwi.

    If you like flavored water add high vitamin C fruits like lemon and limes.

    4. Mushroom are low glycemic foods meaning they don’t suddenly raise the blood sugar and drop it drastically.

    All kinds are good for you, the ones you get from your grocer, don’t pick mushrooms yourself some are healthy other are poisonous.

    Put them in salad the best way to eat them!

    5. Choose fruits and vegetables from all parts of the color spectrum

Here are some veggies and fruit to help with weight loss and level glucose readings.

    1. Beets, winter squash, asparagus, turnip greens and of course spinach are vegetables you really shouldn’t be without!!

    2. Apples are one of the best fruits for weight loss and for dieting as a diabetic, other fruits packed full of goodness are colorful grapes and plums.

    The lowest glycemic fruit is the apricot. It’s hard to find them in the supermarket all year round but dried they are as nutritious and available all year long to augment the diet for diabetics.

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As depicted in the picture on the left you see the areas effected by diabetes.

Sorry about the smallness of the picture.

But when you realize nearly every organ in your body is negatively impacted by diabetes.

You begin to see the magnitude of this illness which is killing more and more people world wide because of all the organs the disease touches!!


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Choose organic produce whenever possible if you can afford it.

I know organic is a little bit more expensive but you and your family is worth it.

Most especially give your children organic milk.

It’s harder in the winter to get organic produce, but I have found my neighborhood store carries a brand that has an array of organic products just the thing needed diet for diabetics

I can buy organic oatmeal now without having to go to a totally organic supermarket.

Eat cruciferous vegetables regularly these would be: Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bok choy and kale.


Diet for Diabetics

Diagnosing Diabetes


Stay away from alcohol of any kind that includes wine.

Alcohol is pure sugar you may as well be dumping a cup of sugar down your throat, as to drink a couple of drinks.

Start eating fish at least twice a week and take a good fish oil, preferably in liquid form the product needs to contain both EPA and DHA. Get the best here.

Diabetes is a condition that will not kill you if you’re able to change you eating habits.

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