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Lose weight with a diabetic diet now before diabetes becomes a way of life.

Diabetes has more complications than a dozen other diseases.

And you have a more than 50% chances of becoming one if you gain weight.

Just to name a few diabetic perks:

amputation of limbs

heart failure


loss of blood circulation in extremities


high blood pressure

...early dementia

insulin injections

...and more

The American Diabetes Association has guidelines as what you can eat and what you should avoid.

This is vitally important if you have already been diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

The diabetic diet plan has you counting carbs and following the glycemic index.

That’s all good and fine, but I am not a carb counter and I know many of you aren’t either.

So, follow the diabetic diet for losing weight we devised for you here.

This is a diet capable of diverting diabetes forever.



Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms


"Or You can Live on INSULIN PILLS!!"

On a true diabetic diet, you'll need to begin a new routine of consuming less processed foods

You'll need to move more towards a diet plan of fresh

fruits and vegetables.

Bleached flour and highly processed sugar are the worst foods to be consuming if diabetes is a possibility.

Studies have concluded that processed foods proliferate pre-diabetes.

Read labels before you buy, if the list of ingredients is longer than 4 or 5 items and the list contains words that are unpronounceable, you need to put the product back on the shelf.

Lose weight via healthy dieting absolutely reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke and other disorders.

Healthy eating needs to include:



*Lean meats



*Whole grains


*Non-fat dairy products


The more you adhere to a "Diabetic Diet" and balance your diet with fresh whole foods

The better and longer you will live. An example of a balanced meal goes like this:

Dinner: 4-6 oz.

Broiled Salmon

Salad of wholesome greens

Fresh baked sweet potato

Green tea

Natural sweetener

Organic dairy in the form of milk, cheese and yogurt.

Desserts should consist of home cooked sweets made with natural sweeteners like stevia, etc.



Is It Possible To REVERSE DIABETES Once You Have It??

We will be exploring the phenomenon known as reversing diabetes.

Losing weight with the proper diet and always having balanced meals is one of the keys.

A closer look at how many healthy minded people are accomplishing this should be of interest to all diabetics and even pre-diabetics.

Reading Julian Whitaker MD book, appropriately named, “Reversing Diabetes”

I discovered Dr. Whitaker devised a system whereby insulin injected patients were given specific diets and special exercise programs.

Most participants in the clinical trial became free of injections and pills.

He invented a nutritional supplement which the doctor states,

Reverses Diabetes.

We’ll dissect the book for you and impart the salient information.

You’ll get the facts here on:

weight gain

weight loss

diet plans

"Diabetic Diet"

Losing weight along with a diet and exercise, diabetes was controlled naturally.

Another mystery no researcher has uncovered as yet is the fact that physical exercise disbands diabetes.

My theory for the phenomenon is:

Speeding up the metabolism via exercise results in quicker.

Elimination of sugar from the blood stream whether diabetic or not.

The other factor, I believe, resides in the cell itself.

In that, the cell becomes more receptive to the intake of insulin.

When you eat, Glucose from food becomes present in the blood, signaling the pancreas to eject insulin into the bloodstream.

The insulin is the carrier of glucose into the cell.

So, you see, if the pancreas won’t release enough insulin the glucose (blood-sugar) stays too long in the blood.

And can deposit in a number of organs and cause for example:


With a meal plan like the one above you will lose weight and diffuse the “bomb” known as diabetes.


A Good diet should consist of the least processed foods with the lowest amount of sugar and salt.

Vitamins and minerals along with "Life Give and Sustaining Enzymes"are the key to kicking diabetes out of your life.

Unless you have a genetic pre-disposition to diabetes.

The right diabetic diet will save you from ever getting the dreaded disease.

Find a great diet plan right here.

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