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when dieting Excess skin after losing weight can be troublesome.

However, if you will spend the time to exercise at least 3 times a week for an hour each time you will replace flab with enlarged muscle and skin shrinkage.

Ways to shrink skin and keep it supple is a challenge when dropping lbs!

My advice to you is:

Keep a steady flow of water!!

Drink at least 60 oz of water every day.

And you will need a supply of oils inside and outside.

Eat salads with olive oil and/or unsalted real butter.

Stay away from the "like butter" brands that crap will clog not just your pores but liver, kidneys and distract your body from losing weight.

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A prominent cosmetic surgeon has this to say:

"There are ways to keep your youthful skin after weight loss."

    1. Stay away from moisturizers their molecules are way to big to be absorbed into your skin.

    A total waste of your money.

    I have for years used 100% pure organic Coconut Oil.

    It works like a dream and absorbs in minutes.

    Only a small amount is needed for all day moisture!

    2. Start a skin care regiment before you begin losing weight.

    Excess skin will be minimized that way!

    3. Not only is Alpha Hydroxy Acid great for anti-aging its great for flabby skin.

    I am not sure it shrinks skin, I have used it and what I find is Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels a bit and makes my arms look years better.

    It has to be a 10% solution.

    4. Try a vitamin C or E cream, you may see results.

    I haven't had much luck but I take 800IU's of Vitamin E.

    Under orders from my doctor. Give it a try!

    5. Also, take Vitamin C and E supplements.

    Moisturize your skin with natural oils and you will see a difference in excess skin from fast weight loss.

    Most of the over-the-counter skin creams moisturize dead skin cells which prevents then from flaking away.

    So stick with absorbing oils.

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