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Companies who blast or foods with preservatives and non-food additives and processed sugar?

Or do we call the advertisers the culprits? Oh, and shouldn’t we blame the fast food industry for us being overweight?


Why shouldn’t we blame those people who make us obese and show us gaining weight is ok by super-sizing our portions?

Why the heck not?

Because, ultimately gaining weight and losing weight is in our own hands.

Sure, I believe food manufacture put additives in processed foods so we will consume more.

But, do we have to eat it?


The person who is obese has to take the responsibility to lose weight any way he or she can.

You have the power too change your life.

You have the power to "Disease Proof"your life

Being overweight does not have to end in diabetes or heart failure.

"Lose weight and get healthier, by doing so you have dropped your chances of contracting diabetes and heart disease by over 50%!!"

And as you lose weight the percentage raises incrementally.

Obesity has a direct line to diabetes and heart disease.

Cardio-vascular disease which is any disorder related to the heart is a real problem.

The number one killer of adults and now children all over the world!


Belly Fat Loss Calorie Intake to Lose Weight Gastric-Band

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lose weight


Look too your left, that's what Being Overweight is all about.

For those of you who have never seen adipose tissue AKA: FAT...

Not the best picture but that's what under your skin!!


It's OK to have some subcutaneous (below skin) fat.

But certainly not more than what's necessary to stay healthy!! We will be discussing Causes of obesity--comin' up!!


lose weight


Obesity IS ON THE RISE: 97% of all type 2 diabetes is caused exclusively from gaining weight and never taking it off.

The statistics are now predicting that children:

Young as 12 years-old will be candidates for Adult Onset Diabetes (type 2)…..

If you have to lay blame, lay blame with the parents and the school systems for not involving their kids in physical activities.

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of emails on this comment!

Put the foot in the right shoe here.

Parents aren’t making the children contribute with physical chore around the house.

Schools have cut all physical education programs.

I could go on for hours on this subject, but alas we are here to find solution not to point the finger.


So, now you have ample opportunity to take advance of the weight loss information here.

You can find many ways with in these pages to stop gaining weight. You’ll lose weight.

You’ll kick diabetes in the tutu, and you will say bye bye to heart disease.

Obesity never has to be the norm!!


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when dieting

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