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Apple Cider Vinegar

added to a warm bath will invigorated your fatigued body!!

Pour ACV over your shoulder and chest.

Vinegar also restores the Natural germ-killing acidityof your skin.....

Which when bathing is washed away!!

”Sodium-the Real Problem”

Because Sodium is linked to so many diseases....

Safety dictates that you begin reading all labels before buying packaged foods.

Avoid foods with more than 150 mg of Sodium/serving.

Try using sage, thyme, garlic and other tasty spices in cooking...while dropping the "Salt Shaker" in the garbage!!

But did you know "Sodium"kills you cells!!

" Salt Bursts Cells"

Eliminate as much Salt as you can from your diet and you will live to be 100...barring no bad accidents!!

Flax Seed Oil

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flaxseed oil

Flax Seed Oil for Health us American Surely NEED.

Our Diet are SO BAD!

Just "Flaxseeding" everyday can cleans arteries, lowers hypertension, ward off heart disease.

And Miraculously kills tumors in cancer patients!”

flax seed oil

Omega's the Way to Stay Healthy

I am not a commercial nor do I get paid to sing the praises of Barlean's Flax Oil but in my eyes it's the best.

And flax oil via Barlean's is pressed fresh as ordered.

And the product is Organic.

Not only do I drink Flaxseed Oil.

I also consume Salmon oil and Cod Liver Oil.

Not taking all oils on the same day, of course.

I vary the products taking one or two oils in the morning or evening, and attribute my never getting colds nor flu's due to my Omega 3 consumption!!!


Start Oiling you joints with these oils, freeing up your bones and joints from arthritis and relieving pain.

Try avoiding corn oils and peanut oils which foster inflammation and pain.

flax oil

Also, avoid the non-food sweetener aspartame.

It also leads to inflammation and joint pain.

You can even rub flax oil into the effected area.

Another use for this healing oil, use 3 or 4 tablespoon with a quart of warm water, giving yourself a cleansing enema.

The oil helps release toxins from all parts of your body via the colon.

Flax seed oil is the

"Richest vegetable source of Omega 3 fatty acid!"


flaxseed oil

You can see from the diagrams above joints can become injured with inflammation.

The oils help to lubricate and lessen swelling


Flax Seed Oil


Flax Seed Oil

So, how does Flax seed oil have an effect on losing weight?

From my own experience:

    1. I don't get as hungry

    2. I don't get cravings

    3. It's easier to stay on my chosen diet

    4. I know I am much healthier

    5. The omega in the oil keep me from being depressed

    6. My hair is shinier

flax seed oil

The plant to your right is:

Linum Usitatissimum

AKA: Flax Plant or tree.

Department of Horticulture and Crop Science

Ohio State University

You can also eat Flax in the seed form.

But for you to get full benefit the seeds need to be ground into a powder.

The shell of the seed is way to hard to digest.

Undigested flax seeds just pass right through excreted via the rectum.

lose weight

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As I have already introduced you to one of my 5 kitty friends I won't reiterate how "Baxter" became a member of our household.

One day about a month ago I was cleaning his ears.

My daughter passed by and asked me, "What's on Baxter's belly?"

I immediately looked, a rash covered 1/2 of his abdomen.

The next morning we visited the Vet, he concluded, Baxter has a strange named fungus growing on his stomach!!

We received a tube of topical cream and told to apply it twice daily for ten days.

The vet looked at me with a serious scowl on his face.

He said, "If the rash isn't gone in 10 days bring him back in.

this type of rash can be a symptom of tumors."

Fear bolted through me, I replied, "malignant tumor?"

"Yes," he droned.

Well, to cut to the chase, for the first five days we didn't see much healing.

Around about the 7th days, I told my daughter I would begin a regiment of flax seed oil.

I had learned from reading The Gerson Therapy written by Charlotte Gerson that flaxseed oil had been used to eradicate tumors in humans.

Why not try the Miracle Oil on my kit, I wasn't sure how much to give him so I proportioned by body weight and give him 0.3 cc daily.

After giving him the flax oil his rash diminished more quickly and his hair grew back quite fast.

I have no way to quantify the results, all I know is my special kitty got his strength back and began eating normally again.

3 of my cats are now receiving flax seed oil.

You should see how gorgeous their fur coats are.....WOW!!

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