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Vitacost.com Dieting can be made easy just by following a few simple tricks. Water flushes fat… can’t get any easier!

Losing Weight the Easy Way...

Micro Diet Revolution Starts and Stops Here

Understand only this: there are easy ways to lose weight and they are all here in 8 easy Diet Steps


11 days lose 21 lbs or better yet 21 lbs lost in 11 days any way you want to do it YOU can with 1 or a combination of 2 or 3 mini radical diets!

17 Day Diet

Your body can let go of 5 lbs of unnecessarily held water weight in 24 hours via this 1 step.

Take off 7 lbs the 1st week and vary the diet with diet soup and diet shake.

Mix them up, they will be 60% off until Halloween 2 for the price of one.

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17 Day Soup Diet
or Flushing Soup

45% faster weight take-off with vegetable protein. Put it to the test and simple remove fat.

Fat can never stand a chance, by following the diet soup plan.

In one week your body has changed and it begins to tell you what it wants.

Step on the scale and you see the results of the message you get from your body.

Combine the dynamics with Diet Shake and the 4:30 Diet.

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Diet Shake

No other diet plan gives you the right amount of vitamins and minerals needed for a whole day in one drink.

The exact amount of protein and carbohydrates you'll need to remain healthy but still take weight off in record time.

Combine this diet with the 4:30 diet and quadruple your results with no extra effort.

Losing Weight Juicing It even at Midnight and still Losing Weight

You have in your hands right now the most explosive way to take weight off ever presented to a human.

Mix them up use the soup diet one day the juice diet the next and drop 2 to 3 lbs daily with little effort.

Add Eat It and Move It Diet and double the weight loss.

Eat It and Move It Dieting Revolution

All you add is exercise and your losing twice as much weight. Simply walk 15 to 20 minutes each day you are on the diet.

Continue on for one month and you won't want to quit that's what walking does to your brain.

If you stop your become moody and depressed if you don't stop you become slim and happy.

You see the obvious choice, do your body a favor...eat it and move it while juicing it and filling your body with nutritious weight-dropping soup.

Plan an Early 4:30 Dieting Rebellion

A radical idea stop eating at 4:30 in the afternoon. Get the info on the right foods to triple weight loss and stop cravings so your not getting up at 3am to raid the refrigerator.

Drink a diet shake just before the deadline and have no cravings ofr the rest of the evening.

Snacks prove to be useless!!

Vegetarian Diet

For those individuals who want to continue on with a vegan influence.

Combine this diet with the 4:30 diet and quadruple your results with no extra effort.

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Mood Diet

The ultimate diet for dispelling cravings, combined with the 4:30 diet and you are losing weight in minutes.

All the right foods to curb any outbreak of the "hungry's"

Using the Diet Shake with both mood and 4:30 diets revs up your metabolism to encourage even more weight off.

buy 3 get the 4th diet FREE!!

Dieting Flushing Soup...

17 Day Diet Soup...

Dieting Shake...

Juicing It Diet...

Eat It Move It...

4:30 Dieting...

Mood Dieting...

Vegetarian Diet...

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