12 Ways to Lose Weight
and Protect Your Health

No more excuses, here's ways to lose weight and boost your immune system at the same time.

You can take every small trick on this site and lose weight with all or one or two.

Starting with Your Brain give it what?

  1. Vitamins and minerals to stop cravings 80% of the time.
  2. Inhale an energizing scent, lemon or peppermint, these 2 scents seem to take your mind off food. Pine, jasmine or orange work as well.

3. Sip ice water it keep your body using energy (calories) to stay at normal body temperature. Your metabolism is continually active which is a faster way to lose weight. You also stay hydrated. Eight 16 ounce glasses of ice water will burn 200 calories. Now isn't that the easiest way to take of pounds you have ever tried?

4. "4 Breathes" meditation:" This form of meditation is a very effective way of staying on a calorie burning diet. Here's what you do: 1st find a comfortable chair; straighten your back, take a 4 deep breathes. Let the air in, imagine it filling every cell in your body. Hold your breath to the count of 4 and release it via your mouth. Inhale using your nose. Do this 4 times. Relax your muscles especially your jaw. Relax your whole body. Remember stress makes you eat, relaxing helps you make the right choices!

Cool Ways to Lose Weight without
Stressing about getting the Lbs off

5. Minimize noise in your environment, noise causes stress and stress causes overeating on the wrong foods!

6. Get sunlight every day! Get your vitamin D this way. Remember cravings start when deficient in vitamins.

7. When dieting do abdominal exercises, you can do this in any chair: Sit up straight, put your hands on your hips with the thumbs point towards your back. Exhale slowly, push all the air out with your abdominal muscles. Repeat the process starting with 5 times and 10 different reps/day. Next day do 6 abdominals etc.

8. Cook with nutriceuticals which are veggies, herbs ans spices. A few are: garlic and onions they boost your immune system; black pepper, jalapenos, red pepper and dry mustard. All four boost your metabolism helping to burn fat faster. Eat cinnamon to help metabolize sugars more effectively and as a quicker way to lose weight because cinnamon steadies blood sugar levels thereby keeping cravings and overeating under control.

9. Believe it or not your posture make a difference as to whether or not you are going to be dieting long or not. When dieting keep your posture erect and as straight as possible: The straighter your posture the better you feel about your physical appearance so the less you eat at mealtime or snack time.

10. Do trigger-point therapy: Should you feel tense feel for a tight mass of muscle. This a trigger point, so press or squeeze the tangled muscle. Continue on for about 15 seconds. Most people will just head to the cupboard or refrig to make themselves feel better...don't do it!

11. Walk the curb alley. Look at me and RJ we are walking as close to the curb as possible. 1st: put one foot directly in front of the other as you walk. The workout your abs get beats crunches any day! An added plus: you are strengthening you body's balance. I discovered it on my daily walks.

12. Do absolutely nothing: and make sure you have no feelings of guilt!! It known as "liming" the art of doing nothing. WOW, how great is that!! Give your brain and body a need rest several times daily. Take a minute respite for 5 to 10 minutes, half a dozen times a day. Destressing helps you stay on track and is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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