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cholesterol and weight loss

Cholesterol and weight loss: protecting yourself from bad stuff.

The cholesterol levels in your blood is divided into three numbers.

  1. one number accounts for the total numbers of cholesterol in the blood stream.
  2. Another number is the part of that total that reflect thew LDL's in the blood.
  3. The third number reflects the amount of HDL's in the blood.

LDL's this is the bad stuff that get stuck in your arteries and helps in causing diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

HDL's are the good cholesterol which helps to combat the bad levels.

Total cholesterol should have a number below 200 or it's considered high and the LDL's are more constant than the HDl's.

New research has found that 35% of heart attacks happen to people with cholesterol at 200, so doctor's think you should keep it lower.

The new numbers should be between 160-130.

Cholesterol and weight loss: Of course, changing your diet is important, but dieting isn't the only answer.

Cut daily cholesterol to 300 mg/day.

Avoid foods in your diet like: liver, eat less of theses, eggs and red meat, and process foods, sugar and bleached flour.

You can lose weight and drop your cholesterol by changing the balance of fats in your daily diet.

When dieting you know you need some fats in your diet so get in the habit of taking omega 3 via fish oil, cod liver oil and/or flaxseed oil.

I take all three on different days.

So what's the best mix?

this is the best ratio 7-10-13 which is, 7% for saturated fats that are found in meats, 10% for polyunsaturated fats is vegetable oils and 13% for monounsaturated fats like the kind that come from olive and canola oils.

For every 1% decrease in saturated fat, your cholesterol level goes down 2 points.

Too count your daily cholesterol,  read the labels and count the amounts listed.

If you are eating foods that have no labels type in on a search engine using the phrase, "cholesterol count in __________." then put in the food name in the blank.

The best diets are those diets that get 30% of their calories from fats.

Eating to little fat is no better than eating to much because you get your HDL's from fat too.

You need 15 to 30% of your calories from fiber foods to substantially lower your cholesterol.

Another assist in lowering LDL's is a heart pumping exercise, just taking the time to walk a few times a week for a half hour can make a difference.

Things you can do to lower your overall cholesterol is to take vitamins like vitamin C at 250 or over mg/day.

High doses of niacin which is vitamin B3 can help lower blood cholesterol.

The draw back is it has side effects at level of 2000mg and above can.

Hot flashes like menopause and redness of the face are just two of the side effects.

If you have gout or a stomach ulcer don't take niacin because it makes the conditions worse.

The most serious side effect of taking niacin is liver malfunction, fatigue, nausea and abnormally low appetite.

The best prescription for healing your cholesterol problem is lower intake of cholesterol to no more than 300 mg/day.

Take 250 mg of vitamin C daily and 100-400 IU of Vitamin E/day.

Therefore cholesterol and weight loss don't necessarily go hand and hand, but it  can be a natural process via lowering the intake of high cholesterol foods.

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