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Yeast infections are a common problem for many women.

Rather than spending money on compounds that usually don't work eat plain organic yogurt with at least 4 separate cultures in it.

But don't stop there....

Take a teaspoon of that same plain yogurt... spread it on your finger tips and place it in your vaginal tract.

And I can guarantee you....

You'll be waving bye bye to an itchy uncomfortable bottom!!

To keep it in place wear a pad...if a teaspoon isn't enough add another teaspoon.

Also, warm the yogurt up before using....

”Vitamin News”

We know Vitamin E is great for breast fibroids in women....

But did you know "E" eliminates dermatitis!!


Is and inflammation of the skin....can be extremely itchy and painful.

400 IU's should take care of the disease.

Continue to take this amount daily.....if you stop the dosage it's a good chance the inflammation will return.

FAT SLAP NEWS Become... "Strong Hearted" via Yoga

Even newbies lower stress levels with the 1st session. They lose anxiety, anger, frustration and "The Biggie" depression!!

Yoga boost your heart rate
with better circulation!!

Cutting Heart disease risk by 35% Only 20 minutes/day!!"

Eating Disorders and Extreme Dieting

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anorexia nervosa Eating Disorders start with a young person (usually a female)having a very poor self image.

If just one person thinks she or he has to much fat on their bodies these individuals internalize the remark and focus only on their bodies.

The anorexic person becomes obsessed with the notion that she or he is fat.

And they begin to lose weight by any means that gets the weight off:

<> Vomit by way of sticking a finger down their throats

<> Abuse of laxatives

<> Starve their bodies

<> Excessive use of enemas

<> Overuse of diuretics

Common disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder.

What categorizes Anorexia nervosa:

<> Extreme thinness

<> An obsession with ones body weight

<> Refusal to maintain a normal healthy body weight

<> A very real outrageous fear of gaining weight

<> Highly distorted view of her or his body

<> Usually the lack of nutrients causes lack of menstruation


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OBESITY...an Eating Disorder?

On the flip side are those individuals who cannot stop eating.

At some point in time the need to gorge oneself with food becomes the persons main focus.

Nothing else seem to matter.

These people become morbidly obese.

Categorically the term for those who "live to eat" is binge eating where a person eats way beyond what he or she need for survival and healthy living.

They just can't stop eating!!

These individuals have lost control of their eating.

The binge-eater is more often than not overweight to the point of being obese.

Psychologically the binge-eater is suffering from shame, guilt and self-hatred which just keeps the cycle of this form of eating disorder going.

Because of their eating disorder the binge-eater is at risk of heart disease, diabetes and a host of other life threatening illnesses.


obesity risk All of these diseases and disorders are a bi-product of obesity.

You cannot persist in abusing your body with massive amounts of food and not suffer.

Obesity and related illness count for over 50% of medical costs today!!

Find a clinic in you area and begin to take the controls back...and live healthy!


The Middle Ground = Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is categorized by recurring and frequent incidents of eating huge amounts of food.

The person is feeling a mighty lack of control over the eating.

This eating disorder demonstrates behavior that compensates for overeating:

<> Vomiting immediately after eating

<> Excessive use of laxatives

<> Diuretics abuse

<> Fasting

<> Over-exercising

The purging of food can be as often as once a week to several times a day.

Because these individuals are ashamed and feel much remorse and guilt the bulimic behavior is often undetected by other.

The bulimic person often has no weight issues either to thin or obese so this disease many times is not discovered until the bulimic person becomes badly ill.


Here is what the anorexic and bulimic person will experience:

1. Inflamed and sour throat everyday

2. Swollen salivary glands

3.Teeth issue due to the stomach acids eroding tooth enamel

4. Severe electrolyte imbalance

5. Chronic dehydration

6. Intestinal distress due to abuse of laxatives

7. Kidney dysfunction due to overuse of diuretics

8. Shame, guilt and depression and repression


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