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Lose Weight with Laughter
and become a lot Healthier

The Healing Power of Laughter

Study done by Dr.Michael Miller assoc. Professor in medicine, epidemiology and preventive medicine at the University of Maryland in Baltimore.

Does enjoyment and being happy help you lose weight and keep you healthier?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Well, think of this: when you have a new boy friend or girl friend, what's the first thing that happens if you feel happiness in the connection?

You lose weight!

Why...because you physically turn from food making you happy to a different stimulant.

Laughter does the same thing if you find something to laugh about!

Dr. Miller did his study on how laughter can heal one from a disease.

He discovered that mental stress is harmful to our blood vessel walls, releasing chemical that damage them.

He found that laughter worked in reverse, the chemical released in your body from laughter repaired damaged blood vessels.

In the study the doctor divided a group of individuals into two groups.

One group watch Saving Private Ryan a horribly graphic film depicting WWII.

While the other group watch a comedy called Kingpin starring Bill Murray.

The results were phenomenal...

So, to judge the effect on the artery walls (endothelium) by switch the movies with the two groups.

The 1st group now watch Kingpin and the 2nd watch Saving Private Ryan.

Less than 10 minutes after viewing Saving Private Ryan 14 of the 20 volunteers had arterial blood flow constriction.

Their arteries were shrinking.

Now the 2nd group switched from the war movie to Kingpin.

Of the 20 individuals watching comedy 19 of them had opened arteries and blood flow was at its peak.

Laughter exacts physiological change in the body.

Endorphin's kick in...remember the page I wrote on physical exercise and how after about 15-30 minutes the "happy hormone" kicks in, so lose weight with laughter is very possible this way.

Well, those hormones are endorphin's.

Get this: watching the funny movie had as much positive change on the arteries as a 1/2 hour of exercise!!

Now can laughter cause us to lose weight?

Losing Weight by way of Laughter

I haven't found a lot of scientific proof that laughter is an easy way to lose weight.

Or if when dieting being happy, smiling and laughter helps the "war against fat."

But, I can tell you from personal experience, when I am happy with laughter I have no problem sticking with a low-calorie and a low-fat diet plan.

If I am watching a funny show or movie, I eat less or not at all.

Yet, viewing a tear-jerkers, I find a need to eat...draw your own conclusions!

Analyze your responses to laughter.

Are you more able to keep the dieting go when you mix it with laughter?

So laugh it up you to could lose weight with laughter.

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