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Losing Weight Avoids Strokes

Losing weight avoids strokes, heart disease, diabetes and kidney and liver dysfunctions.

The prospect of having a stroke, as you age, gets scarier and more common.

The chances of having a stroke multiplies by 10 if you are overweight and over 50.

Losing weight to avoid all four of the above is essential after the age of 40.

There are two kinds of strokes.

The malady most people get is the ischemic stoke.

This type of stroke happens when blood is blocked to the brain, usually because a clot or a fat deposit is obstructing the flowing.

Generally mini-strokes happen first, you should also notice dizziness.

This type of stroke is known as tranient-ischemic attack (TIA).

It's tranient because the brain is only blocked of blood flow for a few seconds and then it resumes.

Then there is the hemorrhagic stroke: just as the name implies it's a hemorrhage in the brain. The stoke occurs when a blood vessel bursts in the brain.

This of course the most fatal of the two because within seconds you can be dead.

The most frequent cause of this type of stroke is high blood pressure.

Ways to Lose Weight and keep Strokes at Bay

Calling all couch potatoes get up off your butt and get moving.

Nothing but nothing makes you healthier than exercising at least three times a week and at least 20 minutes per time.

Another wonderful aid to lowering the risk of any kind of disease is putting a little spirulina in your diet.

Get the powder mix a few tablespoons in shakes, salads and cooked foods like hot dishes.

Spirulina is a whole protein, you need not mix it with another protein to make it whole.

It's great way to lose weight also, because of the less craving factor.

A whopping 62% of this miracle food is made up of amino acids the building blocks of proteins.

Meat is usually the only place other than supplements to get B vitamins, but spirulina has a complete Vitamin B12 not found in other plants.

Spirulina is full of amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics which can do nothing but help with losing weight to avoid strokes.

Keep a canister in your cupboard.

Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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