Ways to Lose Weight  without Sagging Skin

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Losing Weight to Sagging Skin

Losing weight to sagging skin a dilemma always when dieting past age thirty.

Here are a few tips for keep your skin supple after weight loss.

  1. Never use soaps unless they are citrus blends, or use a good facial cleansers.
  2. Do facial exercises like this one: roll your lips inward over your upper and lower teeth, leaving a 1/2 inch between the lips.
  3. Massage around your mouth in full circles 5 times in on direction then 5 times in the other direction.
  4. Using two fingertips of each hand trace a complete circle around eyes.
  5. Smile as wide as you can only with your lower jaw.

Vitamin  E and Aging

Losing weight to sagging skin reduce aging effects with the Vitamin E.

Using vitamin E on your skin slow the deep lines that come from aging and weight loss.

Another important health note, this vitamin helps slow the effects of aging on the brain and the immune system.

Normal damage that's age-related to the vital proteins in the brain and in the immune system cells was delayed and in some cases prevented entirely.

The equivalent for normal human is 400 IU daily.

However, if you have breast fibroids you need to see your doctor and get a proscribed dosage, mine is 800 IU daily.

Flavonoids and anti-aging skin

By eatin flavonoid rich foods you can reduce you age by 3.2 years.

These chemicals are plant molecules that inhibit the damaging effects of free radicals swimming around in you body.

People who drink large quantities of green tea have way lower risks of developing breast or prostate cancers.

Green tea is rich in flavonoids.

Get at least 30 mg of flavonoids daily:

  • Cup of green tea 8mg
  • Cup of Broccoli 4mg
  • Cup of Strawberries 4mg

Another important change to reduce sagging skin from losing weight is to combine taking Vitamin C and E to prevent skin cell damage from free radicals.

The combination all keep the elasticity in the skin, bu as always do not over do it because to much vitamin C depletes calcium level which weakens bones at any age.

To much vitamin E thins the blood reducing the platelet amount, which could me great losses of blood.

Losing weight to sagging skin can be prevented with the right kind of care to your skin and the right kind of exercise.

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