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Losing Weight with Vegetarian Dieting

Dean Ornish of the University of California in San Francisco Medical School conducted a 20 yr study on the effects of a vegetarian diet on the average body with some amazing results!!

Losing weight with a vegetarian dieting is probably the fastest and easiest ways to lose weight possible.

But, their are many other benefits to going vegan.

Losing weight is just the best in that weight loss has the tendency to destress the body.

Low-fat vegetarian diet can reduce the possibility of osteoporosis, hypertension, blood clots, adult-onset diabetes and of course the biggy...obesity.

Not to mention how plant based eating eliminates strokes and heart disease.

Cancer is even a thing of the past with a vegetarian lifestyle.

The best results for cancer deterrent would be in the female area:

breast and ovarian cancers!!

why Not Meat? Maybe because...

Meat has complete saturated fat and that makes it much harder to lose weight and this site is all about easy ways to lose weight.

Your body converts saturated fats to cholesterol.

And even though our cell membrane needs cholesterol for cohesion, not as much as we consume is necessary.

Iron is important for us in the right amount.

However, to much is an incubator for cancer cells and a ravaging oxidants

they oxidize cholesterol that clogs arteries and causes heart attacks.

A meat based diet is very low in the anti-oxidants needed to ward off all diseases associated with free radicals.

Plant Based Dieting

Losing weight with a vegetarian diet has it's caloric advantages:

If you eat meat at breakfast, like bacon, sausage or even hot dogs, I've eaten them for a morning meal before.

How many calories do you drop if you take away even one strip of bacon?

Raw bacon has about 125 calories/slice, but loses 60% after cooking so you are left with 50 calories + how many pieces you eat.

Say you eat, let's be conservative, 100 meat calories for breakfast, 210 calories of turkey burger for lunch and for dinner you consume 350 calories of meat loaf for dinner.

Boy the calories add up don't they, you have consumed 660 calories!

And that's a conservative estimate which does not include the condiments like fatty mayonnaise etc.

Now if the days menu consisted of only vegetarian foods you, of course would replace the animal protein with plant protein.

No way would the calories count be as high, but even if it was you would not gain weight or hold on to the fat when dieting without meats.

You get no cholesterol from vegetarian dieting.

We all need cholesterol for our cell membrane and having a egg once a week will suffice.

A plant-based dieting plant is lower in all fats and near devoid of saturated fats.

When dieting the anti-oxidant levels are extremely high which keeps you healthy while losing weight with vegetarian dieting.

The need for supplementation is lowered if you also go organic.

You diet will be high in vitamins: A, C, E and the tops when it comes to fiber content.

And the problem with meat is we almost need laxatives to eliminate waste due to almost zero fiber.

Losing weight becomes easier and faster the more animal protein you drop from you menu.

Improve the Quality of Your Life right NOW!
Have a Happy Heart...

Start by dropping meat from your diet immediately.

It's actually easier to make big changes in your dieting plan than it is to go slowly.

Take the plunge, go "cold turkey" pardon the pun!

Some people who have changed from meat to plant say they feel better emotionally as well.

They say they think more clearly and an overall feeling of well being.

Once you have lost the weight you planned to drop you can eat a wonderful array of vegan foods and never gain weight again.

Once you are losing weight with vegetarian dieting you won't have to wait long to see the benefits.

Without losing your health you will be able to drop 5 to 10 lbs/week.

NO Joke!!

That's the reason you begin immediately because you see the weight dropping right away.

There are some animal-based foods I will never give up like milk, cheese and eggs.

However, I will limit the amount each week, as I said earlier, an egg a week is just fine.

Drink milk 2 to 4 times weekly for the calcium benefits, drink 2% or less fat.

Eat cheese 2 times tops/week.

Except for olive oil based salad dressings no more oils of any kind.

No frying of any kind.

Dr Ornish's subjects lost on average 15lbs/month without meat.

The more oils you eat the harder it is for you to take weight off.

Losing weight with vegetarian dieting is the sensible alternative to remaining fat or just overweight!

I will set up a vegetarian diet available to you via email...watch for it!

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