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Losing Weight to Combat Mood Swings?

Losing weight, can it control mood swings, or does eating the right foods stop moods swings therefore you lose weight?

Losing weight isn't a complex thing, but sticking to a dieting plan is, so we are going to tackle the above question.

Does food cause mood swings or does mood swings cause us to eat and when we do is it the wrong foods?

Can gaining weight be linked to mood swings?

Well, instinctually I would answer "yes" without even seeing the research.

Because just a murmur of a change in how I feel can send me to the refrig.

But can certain foods cause mood changes and is it linked to weight gain?

Mood Altering Foods What Are They?

Losing weight foods which alter our moods and help us lose the pounds are weird herbs or pills they are on the grocers shelf.

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on "dead Food" like what you get when you sign-up for Jenny Craig.

They are ordinary good foods that can take effect within 30 minutes or less depending on the good mood foods eaten.

How Do Foods Alter the Brain?

Foods change the chemical make-up in the brain, so yes foods do alter moods quite easily.

Neurotransmitters: Dopamine and norepinephrine.

Neurotransmitters boost energy.

When you are in this state you are highly motivated, alert and full of energy to do things...

Now, the main building block for this effect upon the brain is the amino acid tyrosine.

Amino acids constitute proteins.

You'll need to eat a lot of protein to sustain tyrosine in the brain.

When you eat tyrosine rich foods you encourage the synthesis (making) of dopamine and nor epinephrine.

Another neurotransmitter comes along and does just the opposite.

It's named serotonin which has a calming effect to the brain.

Once again a protein is involved.

Serotonin boosts concentration and enhances the feeling of calm and relieves anxiety.

If you are sleep deprived you want this amino acid in your bloodstream before bedtime!

To make this neurotransmitter the brain needs a good supply of the amino acid tryptophan.

There seems to be a catch here: eating more protein built from the amino acid tryptophan won't provide the brain with the right amount to cause synthesis.

For the transformation to occur you must eat carbohydrates with proteins rich with tryptophan.

Because tryptophan and tyrosine will fight for first access to the brain and tyrosine always wins.

By eating carbohydrates it strengthens the tryptophan and pushes the other competing amino acids into cells so it has a clear path to the brain.

Caution: Since tyrosine and tryptophan in supplemental form can be very dangerous to consume...DON'T!!

If you have issues with diet controlled illnesses like diabetes, check with your physician before venturing into this losing weight diet plan.

If you have any type of blood glucose level problems find a professional who can assist you in devising a weight loss plan.

Be sensible when dieting this way, it's easy to do foul hardy things for the sake of dropping pounds fast.



Fish, Shellfish, Veal, Lean Beef, Egg whites,

(these foods are nearly all protein and no carbohydrates that's why they work so well and fast)


Gumdrops, Licorice, Marshmallows, Jam or Jelly, Sweet breads, Crackers Rice, Pasta, Popcorn, Pretzels

(Fruits and green vegetables are not serotonin boosters)

Losing weight and dealing with mood swings can be a challenge but here are some tips to get you going on this unique dieting strategy.

  1. Very small portions are needed to effect the mood.
  2. Each food consumed for mood swing dieting must contain no fat!
  3. Fat complicates the process to the point of prohibiting it.
  4. Use these food to plan a day to day menu and time your intake of both protein and carbohydrates.

I'll devise a small diet plan for you only if I get request to do so.

Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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