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Yeast infections are a common problem for many women.

Rather than spending money on compounds that usually don't work eat plain organic yogurt with at least 4 separate cultures in it.

But don't stop there....

Take a teaspoon of that same plain yogurt... spread it on your finger tips and place it in your vaginal tract.

And I can guarantee you....

You'll be waving bye bye to an itchy uncomfortable bottom!!

To keep it in place wear a pad...if a teaspoon isn't enough add another teaspoon.

Also, warm the yogurt up before using....

”Vitamin News”

We know Vitamin E is great for breast fibroids in women....

But did you know "E" eliminates dermatitis!!


Is and inflammation of the skin....can be extremely itchy and painful.

400 IU's should take care of the disease.

Continue to take this amount daily.....if you stop the dosage it's a good chance the inflammation will return.

FAT SLAP NEWS Become... "Strong Hearted" via Yoga

Even newbies lower stress levels with the 1st session. They lose anxiety, anger, frustration and "The Biggie" depression!!

Yoga boost your heart rate
with better circulation!!

Cutting Heart disease risk by 35% Only 20 minutes/day!!"

MORNING SICKNESS CURES-Vitamin B6 at the Top of the List!!

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Morning Sickness cures are available without a prescription.

Amazingly 50-90% of pregnant women get mild to severe morning sickness in their first trimester.

Luckily, studies began back in the 1940's, examining ways to stave off the nausea and vomiting.

They turned to vitamins for the answer and found Vitamin B6.

vitamin b-12 for weight loss

How to Help Morning Sickness

A more recent study conduced at the University of Iowa School of Medicine in Iowa City discovered that pregnant women who took 25 mg of Vitamin B6 every 8 hours had less incidence vomiting and nausea during the day.

Even only 10 mg/hr of Vitamin B6 worked at dropping the onset of sickness all day.

The vitamin is safe, with no risk to the mother or any chance of birth defects at doses as high as 25 mg/hr.

Researcher found the most benefited were those women who has moderate to severe symptoms.

So far there is no a clear understanding to what causes morning sickness.

Their best guess is the rise in hormonal levels during pregnancy.

Morning sickness cures can encompass drugs as well.

During my second pregnancy I had horrible nausea and found it difficult to walk.

I'd get dizzy easily.

My doctor proscribed Benedictine, it worked.

However, if I had known Vitamin B6 worked as well.

I would never have taken a drug.

Although, it was many years ago, I can still see me heading for the bathroom minutes after my husband started cooking breakfast.

I couldn't eat sausage or look a a can of Pepsi for years later.


morning sickness cures

Dr. Jennifer Niebyl of the Iowa School of Medicine recommends taking 10-25 mg tablets of Vitamin B6 before getting out of bed in the morning.

Take no more than 75 mg/day.

Breaking the doses up into 3 consumptions a day, or once every 8 hours.

Anything over 100 mg/day can cause never damage for you and can be harmful to the fetus.

Also recommended: engage in stretching exercises.

Another of the few amazing morning sickness cures: exercise in the morning helps lessen the dreaded ailment.

Ask your OB-GYN which exercises are right for you.

Check out this page: Stretch Exercises

You will find some info on good stretches.


morning sickness cures

”Remedies for Morning Sickness...Food Factors”

What you put in your mouth makes a lot of difference as to whether it comes back up an hour later!!

Start your morning with ginger tea.

As you may know ginger is a "motion sickness" cure, it settles even the queasiest stomach.

Or buy organic ginger and add to your cereal.

All you'll need to stop the queasy's is 1/2 teaspoon of ground ginger.

That is 940 mg of ginger, if you are interested in taking supplements.

You'll need to get pure ginger with no additives, therefore, eating ginger cookies (unless they're organically made)might not be the best idea.

morning sickness cures
A Danish study found that women so severly stricken with morning sickness they had to be hospitalized, became well enough to go home after consuming 1/8 of a teaspoon of ginger 4 times a day.

Also drink ginger ale throughout the day.

Buy only organic and only regular ginger ale, non-calorie sweeteners may be harmful to the baby.

Ginger is a spice used in many types of food and has no known side effects.

Another tip to "keeping the food down," eat light meals, low in salt and fat.

Stay away from frying and deep-fat frying.

Eat fish at least 3 times a week for the Omega 3, good for you and the baby.

Best fish: Salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel.

morning sickness cures

Stick with

fruits and vegetables

they digest quickly with little constipation and

they are one of the few nutritious morning sickness cures.

The goal is to always have food in your stomach during the day but not to become full.

A full stomach adds to nausea and vomiting.

And remember vomiting robs your body of nutrients.

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