Ways to Lose Weight  without Sagging Skin

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Smart Ways to Lose Weight

I wrote 40 Diets You Need to Avoid mainly due to the insanity involved with acai berry pills.

I've gotten some rather terse notes and emails from those of you who think I am harsh in my criticism of those individuals who by into the hype dieting crap.

With 30 minutes of research they would've learned from websites: WebMd and the Mayo Clinic or come here and gotten a copy of my book FREE, and understood immediately that Acai berry type diets don't take weight off.

40 Diets it's best to Avoid

Well, there are smart ways to lose weight and then there's ways of dieting that turns you into a yo-yo dieter.

Smart dieting isn't PhD knowledge, it's simply finding the dieting plan right for you, staying with it, lose weight.

Then adopting new foods into your overall menu: dropping high fat, sugar, processed foods, additives.

Smart ways to lose weight without making to many "way out there" changes.

Start with reading my book the Slimming Experience.

Just about every smart trick, just about every healthy food to assist your quest to drop pounds is in the book of 280 pages

  1. If you were traveling from Los Angeles to Miami in a car you'd use a map of some kind. The same is true for the trip you're taking to get from point A: too fat, to point B: just right weight. So, when dieting put your plan and goals on paper.
  2. Test the waters: check out a bunch of healthy diets. Are they right for you? Stop at the one that works best.
  3. Never start out any dieting plan without finding an exercise you'll like and continue...
  4. Realize Rome took many years to build: you're not going to get it right every day. I have 8 diets exclusively for the bingers and the cravers among us which is 99.9999% of all dieters.
  5. Ways to lose weight are many, on the internet alone there's thousands of dieting for losing weight programs, but where they are missing the boat is addressing the mindset. Why is the person overeating in the first place?

As much as we don't want to make changes in our eating habit and the foods we eat, the yo-yo effect of overeat-lose weight cycling will continue.

Or you'll feel like you are a perpetual dieter.

Surely, smarter ways to lose weight are finding the best method to get to your natural weight, ajusting to a healthier diet and working on your mindset so that weight gain or loss is no longer an issue.

Ultimately, the bottomline is permanent weight loss.

Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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