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Yeast infections are a common problem for many women.

Rather than spending money on compounds that usually don't work eat plain organic yogurt with at least 4 separate cultures in it.

But don't stop there....

Take a teaspoon of that same plain yogurt... spread it on your finger tips and place it in your vaginal tract.

And I can guarantee you....

You'll be waving bye bye to an itchy uncomfortable bottom!!

To keep it in place wear a pad...if a teaspoon isn't enough add another teaspoon.

Also, warm the yogurt up before using....

”Vitamin News”

We know Vitamin E is great for breast fibroids in women....

But did you know "E" eliminates dermatitis!!


Is and inflammation of the skin....can be extremely itchy and painful.

400 IU's should take care of the disease.

Continue to take this amount daily.....if you stop the dosage it's a good chance the inflammation will return.

FAT SLAP NEWS Become... "Strong Hearted" via Yoga

Even newbies lower stress levels with the 1st session. They lose anxiety, anger, frustration and "The Biggie" depression!!

Yoga boost your heart rate
with better circulation!!

Cutting Heart disease risk by 35% Only 20 minutes/day!!"


Give to a FRIEND by share this LIFE enhancing information...

staying young

”Stay young with Your health in tact to 90 years and beyond is it possible?

A better way of looking at it, what isn't possible??”

When you're told to "STAY YOUNG"

What's your response?

Perhaps you think, well, what do you mean by staying young looking like I am 20 for the rest of my life...or do you mean "young at heart?"

Whichever you feel is most important.

Staying beautiful is a relative term, one persons beauty is another persons ugly.

Drinking from the "Fountain of Youth", to me means feeling forever young.

Staying young is all about feeling that way.

Ultimately, beauty come from within if you feel beautiful and you act toward the Planet and her resident with respect and kindness you remain forever young.


stay young

Now, on to the practical

Things you can do now to feel and look younger:

You will need to lose weight if you are 25 lbs overweight.

Nothing will age your body faster than having to much fat to carry around.

Fat is depressing and strips you of happy moments.

The best 2 anti-depressant are: omega 3 oils and dropping lbs.

staying young

Another obvious need for "keeping the cradle rocking" you must have regular exercise...any form of movement you enjoy.

And it is imperative that you eat HEALTHY.

AND you don't have the rest of your life to get it right.

You need to begin NOW!!

"Just Do It!!"

I'm not just talking at you believe me I am talking with you!

I never have been a truly unhealthy eater.

Thanks to the way I grew up but keeping from yo-yo dieting has been on of my biggest challenges.


Easy Exercise

Stay Young

stay young

Find my....

stair climbing page

"FAT SLAP NEWS it's 'Free' so what are you waiting for?"

Ok, here's what you do should do if stopping eating becomes a problem, make a meal you like, Low in calories eat only half of it.

Or easier yet make only half of what you usually cook.

Here's what I do:

1st I let go of the controls and add to my meal what I am craving.

Right now I am easing into vegan menus.

I'm craving meat protein.

I get out one egg along with a food I eat to infrequently


    1 egg (from free range fed chickens)

    1 Tbsp Organic oil based low-fat, low salt, but-tastes-great butter

    6 oz pre-cooked cauliflower

    1-2 oz spicy cheese (use real cheese-no processed)

    6-8 sliced green olives (for flavor)

    Pepper to taste

"NO SALT" Salt is present in the cheese you don't need to add more.

That's one of the invent-me dishes I prepare when I am craving a certain food.

You can invent your own.


stay young

stay young

Stay young your own way.

Begin thinking about how many years you want to stick around.

Then follow my advice given earlier.

Longevity is a given in developed countries.

Think of how long you can actually live if you gave your body living food the best money can buy.

Start this way:

    Start with the two listed earlier on this page.

    Don't get sick follow a diet of living foods not dead processed crap.

    Save your kidneys and liver eat organic foods

    Give you body the vitamins and minerals it needs for optimum performance if you're not sure as to what vitamins you are deficient inget tested.

    I had my blood tested and found I was low in vitamin D.

    Give time to a volunteer organization or just do something kind once a week or twice a month.

    I rescue cats and dogs, and I'm an active member of PETA!!

    Learn a foreign language, it will keep your brain cells growing and Alzheimer"s Disease won't come visiting around your 70th birthday.

    Sleep soundly for at least 6 hour/night.

    Keep your home clean free from germs, buy an air cleaners.

    Walk outside at least twice weekly.

    Save a dog or a cat from the Humane Society in your town known fact people with pets live longer and happier.

    Travel as much as you can afford, understanding the world around you it stimulates your brains to do and be more.

    Never never sit back and let old age take over, keep thinking ahead and the projects you have lined-up for next week, month or year.


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