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Sugar and Depression

Sugar and Depression: Can eating processed sugar cause  depression?

Dr. Larry Christensen, chairman of the dept. of psychology at the University of Alabama in Mobile, say yes sugar can make depression worse.

He estimate that at least 30% of his depressed patients have a problem with sugar.

Dr. Christensen say you should cut out all sugared foods for two weeks then introduce them back into your diet.

If you begin to feel the effects of sugar via a short boost in energy, then a sudden depressed feeling.

You may be sensitive to sugar and need to stop eating it completely or cut way down.

also go low-fat not only will you rid your body of depression it a way to lose weight.

Proven in test, low-fat dieting improves your mood.

Al Stat University of New York in Stony Brook a study was done on 305 individuals.

All were put on a dieting program of between 20 and 30 percent fat total in their eating plan.

This way of losing weight lowered the subjects cholesterol, but the surprising factors: all were less depressed and way less hostile towards others

Older people are 60% more likely to get depressed than younger people.

So feed your depression with food loaded with vitamin and minerals, and take a supplement for your age group.

Star by finding a good B-complex vitamin.

Not all companies are the same, I recommend Carlson's, Natures Way and Country Life.

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Here's the prescription for healing depression:

  1. Keep sugar to a minimum
  2. Take a good vitamin B-complex of:Vit 1 10mg; Vit B2 10mg; Vit B6 10mg
  3. Folic Acid 100 mg
  4. Vitamin C 1000-4000mg
  5. Selenium 60mcg

Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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