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SUPER Way to Lose Weight
Yerba Mate'

Ways to lose weight no. nine, Yerba Mate': pronounced yar-bah mah-tay

AKA: Jungle Punch, originating in South American countries of Paraguaay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

Know for centuries as the plant when eaten that improves memory, the leaves are harvested from the tree for medicinal purposes..

Proven in a European study to actually boost the immune system, the studies' subjects lost weight while partaking in the experiment.

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That's how it became a weight loss aid.

The way it's consumed is by drinking the fluid, it's a staple in South America, like coffee is here.

It also nourishes the the smooth tissue of one intestines, increases respiration in the lungs.

Will work as a preventive for infection, people of the older cultures use it as a tonic for the brain, liver, nervous system and the workings of the spine.

Used today as an...

appetite suppressant and a digestive aid.

For maximum efficacy drink a cup early in the morning as a way to lose weight.

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When Dieting Drink Yerba Mate'

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Start with just one cup/day. You can buy it at health food stores in powder form or leaf form and serve it up as a hot tea.

The optimum amount for losing weight benefits is 2 or 4 cups daily one hour before eating.

Steep dry leaves of the mate plant in hot water, rather than in boiling water the flavor comes out better.

An iced, sweetened version of Yerba mate is available in South American as an uncarbonated soft drink, with or without fruit flavoring.

Be aware that Yerba Mate' has caffeine in it as well as coffee, just not as much.

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The easiest way to lose weight using the Yerba Mate' leaves is combine it with other methods of losing weight when dieting.

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