Ways to Lose Weight  without Sagging Skin

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Ways to Lose Weight No. 6

Ways to lose weight are many but I think you might find this method both painless and even fun.

I know it will be healthy and an easy way to drop pounds.

But, as always follow directions and never go over recommended daily allowances on even herb and spices you are familiar with.

When dieting this herb can not only help with weight loss but improve your breathing.

Old World Remedies work only because They have Stood the TEST of Time!

You might plant this herb in your indoor window planter or out side it's hardy and makes excellent tea.

You can make a great tasting bread with this herb as well.

It is indigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

For our weight loss purposes we are going to mix it in a tea and drink it before mealtime.

You can even dress up a lazy tasteless salad with this herb used in making of liquors in 19th century France and Switzerland.

Also used for medicinal purposes during that era in western Europe.

Used as stomach and intestinal remedy for maladies leading to diarrhea and more serious infections of the digestive tract.

The herb has a compound within it that helps the process of losing weight much easier.

This herb, as you metabolize your food will expel fatty substances from becoming fat and being eliminated from your body via the urine.

Rich in vitamin A it's wonderful for the eyes besides a way to lose weight healthy.

Keep your vision at peak performance, even if diabetes is a part of your life.

To prepare the tea add 1 teaspoon of dried herb or one tea bag to an 8 0z cup of boiling water.

Let the herb tea steep for 10 minutes, strain if needed, drink hot about an hour before each meal.

If you adjust your eating habits to lower calories, less sugar, empty carbohydrates and white process flour you will see results much sooner than if you continue to eat as you normally do.

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