Ways to Lose Weight  without Sagging Skin

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16-week Study proof Positive

Safflower Oil

is a
Way to
Lose Weight

Ways to Lose Weight No.10
Safflower Oil

When dieting you might want to try high–linoleic safflower oil it's been known to increase a protein called adiponectin.

It helps regulate blood glucose levels and is wonderful for fatty-acid breakdown.

During a 16-week, double-blind controlled study done at Ohio State University, researchers compared safflower oil to conjugated linoleic acid also known as CLA.

They studied post-menopausal women who were pre-diabetic with high glucose levels in the blood.

These women needed and wanted to lose weight.

The participants had an average reduction of 6.3% belly fat and an average of 20.3% increase in the important belly fat reduction from the hormone adiponectin.

Proof that the consumption of Safflower oil helps you lose weight.

Have a daily dose of safflower oil in your diet this way: when dieting take 2/3 of a teaspoons.

Another bonus: safflower oil is a safe way to lessen your chances of getting cardiovascular disease.

Ways to lose weight no. ten benefits you in three major ways.

  1. Assists in weight loss
  2. A deterrent to diabetes
  3. Helps ward off heart disease

So, make your dieting experience as easy and delightful as possible.

When dieting here are a few good Safflower Oil products:

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Ways to Lose Weight with Oils

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Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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