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Ways to Lose Weight Thermogenics...
Safe or Not?

Like every new way to lose weight the product or method carries risk and thermogenic's is no exception.

Is it a legitimate way to drop pounds or another hoax like acai berries?

Maybe thermogenics is sketchier than other technologies when dieting, but we need to check it out before discarding it as unsafe.

Let's find out how safe thermogenics is and whether or not there are safe forms of it...

A thermogenic stimulants the body to produce heat unnaturally.

The thermogenic drugs increase heat via metabolic interference.

To gain more muscle and lose more fat is it's purpose.

Because it alters the bodies balance to drastically, it may be a hundred times worse than safer ways to lose weight.

Are they safe for consumption?

What about these heating drugs and/or heating herbs?

Should you be worried about taking products that alter your body's normal state?

Dinitrophenol/DNP is an extremely dangerous thermogenic used for losing weight.

It increases the body's temperature so high, to the point where it causes death via hyperthermia.

In other words your body temperature rises so steadily it literally "burns you up from the inside out."

Your vital organs begin to shut down, your brain fries right around temperatures of 105 F and your close if not dead at 109 F.

Do not take any thermogenic with di-nitro-phenol or DNP as an ingredient.

This is a warning on a thermogenic dieting product: "Therefore, it must be used with extreme caution, and only by healthy adults capable of handling its quick results and true power. It is mandatory that users get clearance from their physician before use."

What about Ephedrine: is it a harmful way to lose weight?

Well, here what Dr. Weil a respected MD say, "I can sum up my thoughts on thermogenics in two words: stay away!"

Ephedrine is kin to the killer drug Ephredra which the FDA banded from being sold in the US in 1995.

Ephedrine is the herb version of ephedra.

They are both stimulants that mess with mitochondria, an organelle within the human cell, that gives us energy in the form of heat to move and be physically active.

When the mitochondria is not allowed to release energy as heat, the cells of the body (where mitochondria hang out) start to heat up and they die!

And then you die!

Your body is your life, how many times have I said that?

Before taking any thermogenic, be it herbal hence bitter orange, check out the research on it's safety.

Pyruvate: which is a natural part of the metabolism of the body is now being toted as a synthetic "Exercise in the Bottle."

The FDA is shuting them down for false claims.

Find ways to lose weight that keep you in prime health and invigorate you to exercise!

Dr Weil states, "Although you may seem to lose weight in the short-term with thermogenic supplements, you won't maintain this weight loss without eating less and exercising more."

And isn't that what I've been telling you all along.

Slow down on the calories and put exercise into your routine.

You don't even have to be dieting as a way to lose weight, just make mini-modifications to your eating and exercising lifestyle.

And watch the weight drop off!

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