Ways to Lose Weight  without Sagging Skin

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Ways to Lose Weight
No. 13

Herb Pharm Horehound Liquid Herbal Extract -- 1 fl oz
Liquid Herbal Extract.

Marrunium Vulgare. Leaf And Flower.

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Nature's Answer Horehound Aerial -- 1 fl oz
Organic Alcohol Fluid Extract (1:1)

Marrubium vulgare. Promotes Lung Health, used as Diuretic in weight loss

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Ways to lose weight with horehound, well like most herbs this one has many uses.

The dieting factor is it's use a diuretic.

As with most herbs brewed in a tea or taken as a tincture about an hour before mealtime, it does help make you feel full.

When dieting make sure you drink a lot of water with horehound.

You can nearly double the amount of water voided from your kidneys.

But keep drinking even when your not consuming horehound, losing to much water can dehydrate you fast!

Two or three teaspoons of the juice of the herb may be used daily.

Follow the directed use from the label on the bottle.

Horehound used
for Centuries Medically

Horehound has been used as an expectorant, vasodilator, a flavoring for candies and diuretic.

This amazing herb has even been used in the treatment for intestinal parasites.

I've tried hundreds of products none better!

Ways to Lose weight has learned works a purgative, so you'll eliminate waste fast...losing weight faster.

For a cold, a simple infusion of Horehound tea is generally sufficient to ward off symptoms.

The tea is made by pouring boiling water on the fresh or dried leaves,.

Add 1 oz of herb to the pint of water for medicinal purposes.

Herbs For Kids Horehound Blend -- 1 fl oz
Respiratory & Lung Support

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Heritage Products Mother Earth'sRespiratory System Tonic

-- 8 fl oz

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Always remember when you are searching for ways to lose weight always check out the safety of little known herbs and plants not normally accepted as vegetables or spices.