Ways to Lose Weight  without Sagging Skin

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Vitacost.com Dieting can be made easy just by following a few simple tricks. Water flushes fat… can’t get any easier!

17 Ways to Lose Weight

Here are 17 ways to lose weight and not have to think about dieting ever again.

  1. Start or finish your day with a coffee enema and take off 5 lbs of waste from the cells in your body. Caffeic acid in coffee cleans out the liver. Brew organic coffee for 3 minutes to boil, 15 minutes to simmer. Must enter the body at body temperature and needs to stay in the colon for 15 minutes. The enema hose needs to be 8 inches into the colon. Lie on your right side in fetal position. Place a towel on the floor and lay down.

Of the 17 ways to lose weight this dieting tactic is the most immediate!!

So, when dieting coffee emema's your first step in taking weight off fast.

2. A way to lose weight: Try the diet shake I used to drop 33 lbs or 8 micro diets formulated to drop 10 lbs in 1 week.

3. When dieting use subliminal cd, tapes and videos to make permanent change in the way you eat.

4. Drink milk or other dairy product like yogurt. Calcium works as a fat blocker. I lost 25 lbs in 18 days drinking milk.

5.Of 17 ways to lose weight: Pick a wholesome diet you'll want to follow as a lifestyle, like the 8 week diet guides diet.

6. Eat legumes and beans. Beans are one of the best natural diuretic on the market today. Do not add salt unless you absolutely can't eat beans without it.

7. Colonic 2 times a week. de-toxify all body cells, you should weigh at least 5 lbs lighter after 2 colonic's.

8. Exercise early morning or late in the evening. From one half hour to an hour. If you exercise 5 days a week for 45 minutes each at the end of a year 30 lbs can be gone from your body.

9. Ways to lose weight: Chew gum regularly the amylase need for digestion continue on and empties the stomach much quicker. Also the enzyme works as a diet pill sweeping stored fat out as you chew.

10. Enjoy sex with your partner and lose weight exotically...Enough said!

11. Make every movement an exercise. Example: use your gallon of milk, water or juice as a weight. Lift it with both arms 10 times and each arms 5 times before putting it away in refrig'. Stretch as you unload the dishwasher and place dishes on shelves, etc.

12. Easy ways to lose weight: Eat popcorn everyday as a snack or meal replacement. High in fiber you eliminate waste faster and dropping cravings as well.

13. Use Vitamin E cream as a body lotion, eliminates excess water from body.

14. Water aerobics 4 times a week, lose weight without dieting.

15. Ways to lose weight find a mate you plan to love with for life and take off over 30 lbs in your 1st year together.

16. Learn tennis or racket ball. And never have a weight problem for the rest of your life and no need to diet ever again.

17. Last way to lose weight, Meditate your way to losing weight and keeping it off. If you believe all weight issues are in your head meditation will work for you.

Now that's 17 ways to lose weight and none are about living on lettuce and celery for 6 months to a year.

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Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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