Ways to Lose Weight  without Sagging Skin

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Dieting and Losing Weight

Dieting and losing weight:

When alleged experts tell you that it's not necessary to diet when it's only way to lose weight, back away and for goodness sake don't spend you money on what ever lose weight quick scheme they are selling.

Yes, yes if getting the pounds off is your goal for 2013 by all means diet.

No amount of weight lose sprinkles aka Sensa, will take fifty pounds off

when in fact it doesn't work unless you do what I have been saying for year cut out empty calorie food, eat less exercise more.

That's what does work: modification of an already good diet, eat only what you need.

Stay away from what you don't need.

Buy only foods you know you won't overeat on.

prepare what you are going to eat for the following week which keeps you from eating impulsively.

And never, never shop before meal when your hungry, it's no coincidence that the sugary bake goods are the first thing you see when entering most grocery stores.

The 4:30 diet is one I use if I need to take weight off fast.

I developed it when I was in college.

i like because it's simple and it simply works.

no one who's tried it ever failed using the 4:30 diet.

I've been creating diet for years for people I am acquainted with. in total I think 27 dieting programs I have developed for other.

Most were developed on the premise that light exercise speeds the process four times faster then trying to lose weight dieting only.

Besides speeding up the weight loss process builds muscle and dispels sagging skin.

Keep in mind that certain foods you must stay away from:

  1. Salt, the quickest way to heart disease and high blood pressure. You should have no more than 400 mg at a meal.
  2. Drop empty caloric foods, junk foods and high carbohydrate foods.
  3. Walk outdoors or indoors, when it rains I walk in my own home. I you have stairs walk up and down at least five times, more if you can do it.

Dieting and losing weight are correlational you can't have one without the other.

Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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