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Cellulite Removal......Does it Work?

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Cellulite Removal can it be done?

Put it this way it can be lessened, but total removal would require exercising the right areas.

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Will it stay gone or come back?

You all have seen at least on episode of "Sex In The City"

Kim C. is showing her cellulite.

She certainly has the money for cosmetic surgery.

Why is she still showing her cellulite?

It took me well over 40 years to show my "leg fat"

Average people if they are active most of their lives don't have a problem with it until they get way past 30.

And you don't have to be fat to want to remove ugly cellulite.

when dieting

when dieting

It seem strange to think, nearly every woman suffers at one point in her life, from the dreaded "Cottage cheese Fat" on her legs and arms.

But there is a gene and the curse can be genetic.

So, blame your parents....hhhhhha!

Although genetics can be one reason a thin person has cellulite.

It's not the only source of the problem.

Being overweight and needing to lose weight can be the beginning of "fat cheeks and legs"

Cellulite builds-up when gaining weight and after losing weight it doesn't disappear.


Why don't all types of fat diminish when weight loss occurs?


Losing Weight with Cellulite Removing is an Illusion of being Thinner but it Works!

Cellulite removal isn't all that easy.

Well, first we must understand what cellulite is:

Basically it's subcutaneous fat which projects into the dermis skin.

The skin directly under the epidermis skin which is the outer layer of skin-the skin you wash everyday.

This projected fat doesn't belong mingling with the dermis skin.

It tends to get worse with age due mainly to less thick skin, therefore the fat can leech through more easily.

As we age or skin gets thinner, both layers:

Epidermis and dermis

Now, there is very little to rid your body of cellulite but you can obscure it effects somewhat.

Temporarily improve the appearance by:

    1. Walking a lot, get into a walking routine....my daughter almost eliminated hers by daily walks with RJ, her pup.

    2. Bathe in your tub with these essential oils, Juniper; grapefruit; cypress and mandarin

    Use about 2 or 3 drops of each. Stay in for 15 to 20 minutes.

    These oils tighten your skin. eVitamins

    3. Mix Milk and Honey and rub on effected area, let it work for about 20 minutes.

    Due to the mess honey can cause perform the procedure in your tub.

    Then when you're ready to remove the elixir you're right where you need to be.

    4. The subcutaneous fat sits on top of muscles, if the muscle is weak and unused there will be more ‘bumpy’ effects of cellulite.

    Firm your leg muscles, try including these exercises in your resistance training:

    Squats and leg press

    All types of lunges for the thighs and buttocks

    Leg curls for the back of the thighs



    Cellulite Removal

    Do creams that boast their effectiveness on the escaped fat, actually work?

    They might if they could penetrate the epidermis and the dermis to get to the fat below.

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    You know what's coming next, you're right most creams cannot work their way below the dermis if they could some might do the trick.

    And what about massage to work the fat free from the legs.

    Dream on!!

    cellulite Research has been done on the effects of massage:

    These techniques don't remove cellulite, but may have a temporary effect in reducing the "cottage cheese" appearance for an hour or so.

    What about the biggy: Liposuction?

    Sorry ladies, too the contrary!

    Losing weight via cellulite removal with liposuction's the success rate is "zero" in treating cellulite.

    In fact, may actually worsen your skins appearance.

    And lastly Herbal Treatments:

    For cellulite removal can be a good choice,because some of the herbal treatments tighten the skin layers.

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    The skin looks smoother for awhile at least so in fact you are losing weight via cellulite removal.


    The only real lasting effects of cellulite removal is exercise.

    If you want a body minus "bumpy" legs and butt get moving and don't stop.

    That's likely your best bet for cellulite removal.

    From the desk of : DL Grace BS; pMed


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    You can give back by sharing this page.

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