Ways to Lose Weight  without Sagging Skin

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Ways to Lose Weight Happily
You have a choice You can be Angry dropping Lbs or you be relaxed and enjoy each Lbs you lose!

If you choose the latter using ways to lose weight happily, instead of looking at it as another death sentence to you enjoying life...


  1. Make time for activities you know you'll enjoy that have nothing to do with food or the preparing of meals. Do this before you start dieting. Because: when dieting you are having fun, your blood chemistry changes in a positive way. Blood pressure drops, cholesterol drops the alteration also lessen the disease possibilities to your body. Happy weight loss makes the pounds melt with way less resistance.
  2. Change the way you think about failure in your dieting experience. Do we ever fail at anything? No, failure is not trying! Failure is a state of mind, a belief. Can you change your mind can you change a belief? Well, certainly!! People who learn from a setback and shrug it off and let it go are happier and healthier as a way to lose weight.

Ways to Lose Weight through Our Emotions

3. Get in touch with your feelings. Most of us are extremely adept at skirting issue that might make us feel to much...especially pain. Overeating is very much linked to our emotions. If you'll take the time to get in touch with deeper feeling, you can become understanding of why you overeat and be on the road to healing.

4. Keep a Journal not just of the food you eat but more about the emotions and how you cope and react to your environment as a whole not just your diet. You will find your emotions dictate what you eat not the other way around. So, getting in touch via writing your intimate thought down is a marvelous way to lose weight in a happy frame of mind.

5. Treat yourself the way you treat your beloved pet. My dog and cats go to the doctor ten times more often than me. I buy them treats and toys regularly and I don't do it for me. Time to change. How about you do you treat yourself once a week, once a month, even once every 6 months treat to a new outfit, a complete day of rest or a 3 hour trip at the spa? Start now as a way to drop those pounds and stay happy dieting.

Finally as a last thought: don't focus on the things you cannot control only those you can.

You are not in control of what you boss does or thinks, but you are in control of what you think and do.

And doing means taking control of your health...eat right!


Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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