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”Avoid White Processed Foods”

You might want to re-think eating High-carb and Low-fiber imitation food like overly-processed white bread and highly polished white rice...

...keep it off your grocery list.

If You don't want CATARACTS in your near future!!

Your risk is 77% higher if you eat white processed foods!!



....DID YOU KNOW....

That women who become to thin can endanger their lives?

If you go to extremes to lose weight, chances are you'll go to far!!

Instead of taking the proscribed amount of diet pills....

You takes more....

Thinking more pills will take the weight off faster!!


This type of behavior....only gets you an early headstone!!

How to Lose Weight

weight loss

How to lose weight-that's the multi-billion dollar question!!

If you want to learn how to lose weight consistently this is where you should be.

If you want to learn how to keep weight off and not gain it back.

Do it—stick around.

To lose weight on average of 1 or 2 pounds/week you, of course, will need to slow the calorie intake too around 1500 calorie or less/day.

While you increase fat burning.

You can accomplish this by burning 500+ calories/day

Too keep the weight loss at 2 lbs+ weekly you’ll want to eat or drink 3 or more servings of low-fat dairy products/day.

Because Calcium stimulates weight loss you'll need between 1200 and 1600 mg a day.

Caution: Do not exceed 1600 mg of Calcium daily...

More Isn't better.

Nor will you lose weight any faster!!


Easy Ways to Lose Weight-Stair Climbing Easy Ways to Lose Weight-Causes of Obesity Easy Recipes-Diet Shakes

losing weight

Fill up on a Glass of Milk before mealtime!!

Studies done back in the 60's proved a sample of how to lose weight.

Getting a liquid form of a dairy product before lunch or dinner kept the test subjects from overeating at each meal!!

The test subjects felt full sooner and even ate less at the next meal.

If you're lactose intolerant consume yogurt instead.

Or you can eat low sodium cheddar cheese, which has very little lactose (milk sugar) in it.


Drop Weight by Cutting 3500 Calories/Weekly.

BUT, if you walk just 1 hour 4 days a week you'll burn 250 Calorie/hour.

Then you have to cut only 2500 Calories every week!!


All you have to do is eliminate just 2 high fat/calorie foods from your new diet.

That's all you have to do for constant weigh loss.

No diet plan is perfect, yet you will know how to lose weight with these suggestions.

lose weight

Some examples are obvious.

But others aren't, like sodas teamed with sugar!!

Nobody seems to think liquids count, but they do.

Some sodas can have as much as 12 teaspoons of sugar in a single serving.

And that's only in a 12 ounce can! losing weight

Diet sodas are not really any better.

They don't help you put on weight but they prohibit you from removing weight.

In that it keeps fat around your internal organs and that's the worst kind of fat to have on your body.

Remember to boost your Calcium intake to 1600 mg.

You will be eliminating fat while you sleep.

However, be cautious to much Calcium robs your body of other minerals.

To much can deplete the body of Magnesium and Potassium.

2 Essentials for Life!!

<>Your body will DIE without Magnesium, it makes your "Heart Tick!" It is key in regulating the heart.

<>Potassium is in every cell in your body.

<> A microscopic pump known as the potassium/sodium pump governs the amount of sodium to enter the cell and the amount of potassium that leaves the cell.

<> Sodium need to stay on the exterior of the cell and potassium need to dwell inside.

You need potassium as much as any other mineral and maybe more than some!!



lose weight with milk



Time to pay attention, just another easy way to lose weight approach and you don't have to deprive yourself of good tasting food!!

Eat 3 serving of YOGURT everyday and lose weight.

IN a study done back in 2007:

Overweight people were either given yogurt to eat or not.

But, each diet was alike except for the 3 serving of yogurt.

Caused them to lose 22% more weight lost in 12 weeks of those eating yogurt!!

And a huge 61% more total body fat was dropped by those eating yogurt!!

Wow, there was 81% more abdominal fat gone on the people eating yogurt.

The group not eating yogurt ate no dairy products at all, but consumed the same number of calories!

lose weight

Other "How-Too's" will be coming up as I discover them.

How to lose weight just got a lot easier.

Take every precaution to drop that excess baggage.

But, for your sake and future health let the pounds go safely.

And it's my prediction you'll lose the weight easier and maybe even faster when you put your health first!!

From the busy desk of: DL Grace BS; pMed

How to Lose Weight

when dieting

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