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How Many Calories to Lose Weight?
How much do you have to reduce to lose weight?

So, how many calories to lose weight properly?

Ok, so you are consuming 2,050 calories/day on average.

If you wanted to lose weight at a rate of 4 lbs/week you would have to drop 250 or more calories/day everyday from your diet to achieve that goal.

When dieting how would you do that ?

Would you buy a whole lot of "Diet Foods" that really aren't or would you do something sensible and stay healthy?

Or would you buy the latest fade diet craze like raspberry diet pills or would you lower your standards to taking drugs?

Or would you consider the best way to lose weight drug free?

You might want to add soup to your weight loss menu.

You would cut out over 300 calories/day!

Lose Weight with Soup
Forgotten Food!

A study conducted using 147 women and men was implemented by Dr. Barbara Rolls professor of nutrition at Pennsylvania State University.

All 147 participants ate a reduced diet for a full year they ate enough calories to lose weight..

Those individuals who consumed 10.5 ounces of low-fat, low-salt, low-calorie soup 2 times/day lost a

whopping 50% more weight than those who consumed none.

The soup-less eater also ate more carbohydrates than the soup eaters.

They were allowed to consume baked chips and pretzels.

And surprisingly the soup had the same number of calories to lose weight as the carbohydrate rich diet.

The soups greater food value and weight plus volume made the eater fuller faster, therefore they ate less every day.

And they continued to eat less because their bodies got all the nutrition they needed, which did not effectuate cravings!!

A major major plus when dieting!!

Consume a large mugful of a vegetable broth-based soup to lower calories to lose weight.

You will need to make it yourself with low-sodium, low-fat, low-calories rich in super food veggie.

You also might want to consider legumes and beans for a good source of protein.

Soup seems to be the forgotten food, revive it and serve it 3 to 4 times weekly.

But for losing weight eat it 1 or 2 times/day.

Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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