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Losing Weight with Fat Blocker

Losing weight with fat blockers in the next 90 days can change your life.

When dieting use a fat blocker.

What can make you thin?

Arnold Fox MD a primary care cardiologist in California discovered the efficacy of using Chitosan (kite-o-san) for losing weight the easy way.

Dr Fox claims of knowing every diet ever put on the market in the past 40 years of being in practice.

He says that Chitosan is the best fat blocker on the market today.

He says that Chitosan is the best fat blocker on the market today.

What is Chitosan?

Chitosan is an indigestible sugar.

The compound is obtained from the hard outer skeleton of shellfish: which encompasses the shells of crab, lobster, and shrimp.

This natural food supplement forms a gel-like substance in your stomach.

And the irony of this phenomenon is that the gel attaches to fat molecules.

Clinging together to form what is known as "fat clumps."

The combination of fat and Chitosan makes the fat indigestible.

All clumps pass out of the body undigested into the feces then eliminated quickly!

This truly amazing: take Chitosan before a meal and 50% of the fat you eat is blocked.

Chitosan absorps 1/2 of consumed fat.

So, you should'nt wonder how this product works, in conjunction with this dieting sensation...


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Double-Blind Study using Chitosan

the Fat Blocker!!

One Double-blind study done in Italy revealed that those individuals who ate for losing weight via low-fat foods, low-sugar and low-salt dishes, lost on average of 16 pounds during test.

On the flip side, the test participants who did only low fat, low sugar and low salt lost 7 pounds during the study.

Both groups consumed low fat but the 16 lbs loser ate Chitosan with each meal.

RDA: For overweight people consume anywhere from 500 to 1000 mg of Chitosan before both lunch and dinner.

When dietng take Chitosan at least 30 minutes before a meal.

Once your goal weight is reached you can stop taking Chitosan.

You can always come back to it if you begin gain.

Now remember taking Chitosan doesn't give you a free ticket to eating what ever you want.

Eating less and avoiding fatty foods and empty carbos is the way to get this amazingly simple dieting aid to work.

Also check into one or more of the mini-diets and triple losing weight.

No side effects have ever been reported via research, but like everything, to much can be detrimental to your overall health.

Follow the guidelines I have set for you and you'll be fine.

WARNING: DO NOT EAT Chitosan if you are allergic to any type of shellfish or fish and sea food in general.

Avoid consuming Vitamins A, D and E within 4 hours of taking Chitosan.

It devalues the effects of the three vitamins.

There are brands that are better than others, I recommend...

I'll have a list compiled for you tomorrow Aug 30, 2012. DL Grace

Fast Ways to Lose Weight


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